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Marriages In Quatt, 1837 1870
1837-1870, Quatt, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by agilson at 2012/06/22
Tags: William Evans Thomas Turley Edward Perry Edward Barker John Smith William Spence James Hughes John Baker Henry Baker Edmund Carr Thomas Bowen William Lane Elizabeth Pain Elizabeth Pairmain John Parsons Francis Lane Thomas Pain Robert Milne Catherine Stevenson David Milne Peter Stevenson James Mc Gill Thomas Milne Joseph Wilkes Fisher Anne Taverner Anne Tavener Alice Taverner Tavener William Bowen Henry Hall John Fisher James Taverner James Merchant Sarah Stokes Sarah Bentley George Merchant Richard Stokes John Cocks Jane Ray William Ray Elizabeth Ray Francis Cocks Thomas Ray William Skeffington Selina Mary Southwell Josiah Southwell Joseph Southwell William Southwell Harriett Southwell Thomas Monk Elizabeth Miles Elizabeth Lawley Samuel Monk Robert Monk William Barber Sarah Whelch William Whelch Joyce Ann Crompton Bryan Molyneux John Barber John Whelch John Evans Mary Blunt William Blunt Elizabeth Cox Francis Blunt Mary Ann Wiggins H Garland Elizabeth Garland Henry Perry William Wiggins Wiggin Samuel Browne Ann Bowen Thomas North Elizabeth Browne Thomas Browne William Garfield Elizabeth Taylor William Welch Margaret Childs John Garfield Francis Taylor Robert Lloyd Curate Edward Swingle Ann Jenkins Francis Yates Sarah Yates Richard Swingle John Jenkins George Gregory Mary Evans Richard Gregory John Gregory Ann Gregory Richard Day Anne Preece John Day William Preece Joseph Preece Harriet Preece Thomas Barker Sarah Smith Jerimiah Smith James May Anne Smith Jane Wiston Thomas Nicholls Sarah Nicholls Thomas Gamson Joseph Elcock Frederick Gamson Elizabeth Elcock Francis Elcock John Elcock Joanne Welch Ann Jennings Ann Smith William Smith Edward Whelch David Bennet Janet Smith John Bennet Elizabeth Garrison John Taylor Mary Elizabeth Perlira Alexander Taylor Fernando Perlira Henry Garland Sarah Haigh B Crumpton Thomas Beach Elizabeth Glencot Mary Fouracres Mary Jones James Beach William Glencot John Mary Haynes Thomas Craig Robert Haynes Ann Haynes John Fouracres Mary Ann Jones William Jones Emma Jones Norman Cooke William Hooke John Jones Anne Maria Broome John Walker Lucy Jackson John Broome Elizabeth Hall John Hall Caroline Hall William Baker Edward Hall John Jennings Susannah Markwell William Jennings William Markwell John Bowley Hannah Roberts George Turley John Turley Mary Anne Saunders George Boucher Sarah Parsons Robert Elcock Harriet May Emanuel Boucher Thomas Parsons William Brown Sarah Brown John Morris Thomas Brown Samuel Brown William Haycocks Mary Pitt John Haycocks William Pitt John Hodgkiss Jane Oakley George Oakley Ann Oakley Thomas Butcher Gwen Jones Samuel Butcher Elizabeth Nicholls Emmanuel Butcher Samuel Nicholls Happy Lonia Broom Appy Lorney Broom Parker Willey Parkes Willey John Broom John Carpenter William Bevan Sarah Whittington Benjamin Milward Susan May Samuel Whittington Lewis Roach Susannah Caroline Garland Samuel Roach Joseph Marklew Lucy Powell John Powell Emma Marklew Edward Griffith Thomas Williams Mary Fearon Jenkinson Emily Hill Mary Mitchell John Mole James Lloyd Fearon Jenkinson Charles Batley Mary Billingsley T Billingsley Ann Gardener John Davis Thomas Billingsley Mary Ann Clare Edward Henry Bowen Janet Clare Edward Clare Thomas Clare Theophilus Watkis Roach Emma Barber Seth Bennet Barber Barker Miles Watkis Joseph Bennet Elizabeth Gorton Edward Gorton Fanny Gorton David Bennett William Cooper Elizabeth Cooper Elizabeth Smith Joseph Cooper James Crompton Anne Scriven Henry Whelch Mary Southern Benjamin Scriven Edward Nutting Isabella Gorton Henry Nutting Fh Wolrych Whitmore William Priest Elizabeth Davies Ann Davies David Davies Eliza Nicholls John Price Ann Price Richard Whelch Llewellyn Lewis Mary Pricilla Jordan John Jordan Emma Griffiths Thomas Lewis Richard Jordan Charles Pond Sarah Steward James Wood Emma Dyer Geo Pond George Pond Geo Steward George Steward Thomas Careless Carless Cardess Ann Welch Robert Welch Ellen Careless Richard Welch Richard Careless Benjamin Jaft Sarah Collett John Crumpton Mary Crumpton John Jaft John Rector John Pope Sarah Jones William Nicholls Edward Pope John Nicholls Elizabeth Davis Mary Oliver Thomas Davis Ann Davis Mary Daveis Garble Daniel Davis Joseph Saddington Sarah Bowen Diane Bowen Edward Saddington John M Bowen Charles Edmund Phillips Charlotte Elcock Isaac Elcock Mary Wilson Geo Phillips George Phillips Samson Holder Ann Giles George Holder Mary Giles Henry Holder Thomas Giles

Transcript from the marriage registry St. Andrew's church Quatt.

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