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Burials St. Andrews Church, Quatt
1949-2013, Quatt, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by agilson at 2013/06/27
Tags: Iris Stephens Brenda Thompson William Hale Mottershead Hester Estella Mottershead Mary Watkins Herbert William Edmunds Kathleen Mary Edmunds Wendy Maris Chitty Rosie Roe Albert Joseph Hutchinson Pamela Alice Mason John Frederick Arthur Mason Rhonette Alison Gardiner John Edward Goodwin Leslie Jones Joan Jones Cyril Lewis George Link Glenys Mary Powick Mildred Annie Pangborn Veronica Nellie Cavell Welch Geoffrey Basil Mottershead Daisy Edith Violet Bromley Evelyn Joyce Beards Dennis Beards Joseph Leach Margaret Betty Stevens Emily Hallam Alfred Leach Marjorie Parkes Norman Leach Herbert George Watkins Leonard Draper Anthony Thomas Arnold Trevor Anthony Mason William Henry Welch Violet Evelyn Jervis William Henry Potter John Anthony Stevens Elsie May Drew Winifred Mary Draper Charlsie Mary Susannah Shaw Frances Mary Leach Norman Pearson Ronald Sidney Alfred Pangborn Daisy Lilian Davies Jane Elizabeth Lewis James Michael Bussey Miller Frank Claybrook Ernest Wilfred Lane Allan Moir Stuart Joyce Elizabeth Bromley Frank Poole Iris Georgina Mason Doris Ruth Hutchinson Alice Mason Thomas Humphrey Lloyd Charles Henry Rollings Doris May Potter Edith Mary Baker Alice Elizabeth Faithful Peter Leonard Stevens Phillip Henry Arthur Morris Matthews Ida Gaff Emily Challner Albert Edward Price Barbara Lucy Mottershead Derek Robert Farrow Francis Patrick Morris Clara Maud Parkes Elsie Eugenia Irene Bourne Ethel Maud Hammond Henry Whittle Victor Leek Sarah Ann Burton Florence Elcock Emily Elizabeth Hanson Evelyn May Davies Harvey Gaunt Michael Martin Frances Eva Franklin Mary Frances Sanderson Beatrice Mary Link Joseph Davis Albert Henry Wood Hilda Emma Lane Edith Emily Link Violet Madeline Mottershead Florence Swannick Walter Alick Fall Thomas Mabberley Mary Ann Roberts John Henry Sanderson Walter William Bromley Martha Leach Ellen Bowers Jane Bates Charles Link Kate Stevens James Arthur Mottershead Arthur George Mason Thomas Henry Gwilt Caroline Gwilt Maria Humphries Francis Cole Lavender Brooks George Harry Welch Jane Littleford Violet Annie Mottershead Laura Nancy Day Frank Bowen Sarah Eleanor Morris George Harry Baker Ruth Millinchip William Alfred Edward Leach Evelyn Gardener Sarah Garbett Flora Preece Muriel Augusta May Wolryche Whitmore Olive Mary Hamilton Russell Walter Bowen Eliza Steward Patricia Mary Hemming Edwin Davies Barbara Iris Haycocks Jane Dunn William Bowen Edward Millinchip Harriet Helen Poole St Andrew’s Church Burials Quatt

Transcript of Burials at St. Andrew's Church, Quatt. 1949-2013

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