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Baptisms At St. Andrew's Church, Quatt
1944-2002, Location unknown, Uploaded by agilson at 2013/07/26
Tags: Pitt Bridgnorth Raf Usa Farmer Butcher New York Worcester William Quatt John Baker St Andrew’s Church Baptism 28/04/1944 12/08/44 Robert John Frank Edward Daphne Yvonne Joan Oakley Lodge Farm Dudmaston Chief Inspector Aero Engines 1944 14th April 1944 24th December Barbara Helen George Albert Katie Taft Lewis Middle Broomhall Farm Farm Worker 1944 7th December 1945 3rd February Jean Edith Walter William Daisy Edith Violet Bromley Wootton Market Gardener 1945 17th April 1945 20th May Clive Maxwell Harry Iris Alice Haycocks Bine? Garage 1945 4th July 1945 12th August Phillip George George Margaret Thomas Medical Orderly 1945 August 27th 1945 September 16th Gloria Diane Horace George Annie Myra Reynolds Quatford 1945 July 29th 1945 September 30th Sylvia Ann Frances Ena Franklin Postmaster 1945 August 31st 1945 October 7th Kathleen Mary Percy George Doris Rodenhurst Mose Farm J Robinson Rector 1966 4th October 1967 8th January Robert Mark Robert Sumner Margaret Ann Salthouse 1 Castlegrove Gardens Justice’s Clerk 1966 24th November 1967 19th March David Antony Arthur Benjamin Sheila Diane Gag’s Rock Excavator Driver 1966 6th October 1967 2nd April Julie Alison Sydney Arthur Wendy Ethel Ballard 12 St James Drive Insurance Official 1967 2nd May 1967 25th June Edward Diggory Fitz Gerald Michael Fitz Gerald Janet Mary Hadoke Doctor Of Medicine 1968 2nd September 1968 13th October Wayne James James Norman Heather Joan Guest Little Malt Cottages Lac 1968 14th August 1968 1st December Trevor Sylvia Lily 19 Dunval Road Carpenter 1968 21st November 1969 23rd February Amanda Jane Roger Charles Sylvia Alice Ann Crook The Rookery Development Engineer 1968 19th November Nicholas David Raymond Alwyn Mary Potter The Almonds Ronsley Electrician Dw Manning 1998 17th August 1998 22nd November Mitchell Robson John Ian Lisa Jane Evans 24 Severn Street Civil Engineer 1999 11th July 2000 25th June Sarah Ann Martin Geoffrey Delyth Fiona Mottershead Lye Hall Farm Hampton Loade Farmer’s Wife 2001 14th February 2001 12th August Mia Lucy Daren Lisa Jayne Guest 24 Quatt Site Manager Housewife 2001 7th March 2001 1st September Frederick Huntington Victor Huntington Julia Mary Jaques 345 East 80th Street Apt 25 D Ny10021 Office Manager 2001 23rd May 2001 16th September Katie May Paul Edward Margaret Elizabeth Piper The Stonehouse Wootton Green Farm Stock & Stores Person 1996 18th May Ryan William Christopher Christopher John Heather Beryl Norman 3 Russel Close Stanmore Domestic Help 1984 6th May Robert Stephen 2001 31st December 2002 17th March Jessica Maree Kevin Trevor James Norris Hayley Maree Rollings 23 Puxton Drive Kidderminster Hgv Driver Secretary Np Armstrong Sh Cawdell

Transcripts from the Register of Baptisms to include: 1944-1945,1967-1969, 1998-2002

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