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Jan 01, 2011
The Kaleidoscope Of History

I am struggling at the moment to write up the finds of a metal detectorist who has worked for over thirty years in one parish in England. The finds range from the Stone Age up to the nineteenth century. My difficulty is how to present the data so that it will say something about the history of the area. I keep thinking that there will be some really simple way of doing this that no-one... read more

Dec 24, 2010 | 1 comments

Just to wish everyone a very happy Christmas from all at Share History read more

Dec 08, 2010
Our History

If you have just joined the site, welcome to this history community. Our purpose is to add to the history knowledge bank by making public items of history which have never been seen before. If you are disappointed that your area of interest does not have any items listed then your contribution is what we have been waiting for. This is a great place to back up and store your own research as well. History... read more

Nov 26, 2010
New Name, New Look

It is still the same team as HistoryPie but a name which says exactly what the purpose of the site is and a more subtle colour scheme. As always our commitment is to provide space for you to store and share your history read more

Nov 19, 2010 | 1 comments
Letter From 1935 Delivered

 Sent in 1935 the letter was amongst postcards which had been lent to me and has just been delivered to the wife of the man who sent it - back home where it should be. read more

Nov 17, 2010
A Pair Of Shoes

When houses were being built money was often incorporated in the walls to bring good luck,  sometimes articles of clothing were placed in a wall to ward off evil spirits. I have just been to visit a house whose owners found a pair of shoes thought to date back to Tudor times. The condition of the shoes, a woman's or child's, which have a single strap over the top, is amazingly good. read more

Oct 30, 2010
Fred Goodwill

I would like to introduce you to Fred Goodwill because he has been a major contributor to this site. Fred was born in Helperby, Yorkshire in 1874, the son of a farmer. Fred went into the Ministry and became a missionary in India. Fascinated by the culture he was a keen photographer and bequeathed me over 400 photographs which became something of a mixed blessing as I pondered what to do with them. The problem... read more

Oct 26, 2010
The Value Of History

<!-- @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } --> I have spent the last week scanning in a large quantity of postcards and photographs which are destined to be sold at a market and it occurred to me to wonder at the value we place on history. Most of these cards were priced between 50p and £3 and would presumably be sold to collectors. Many of the cards had... read more

Sep 09, 2010
We've Made It Even Easier To Find Pieces Of History!

We've added some great features to HistoryPie over the last few weeks, here's just a few you may notice: Browsing - don't know exactly what your looking for, why not take a wander through it all? You can now browse by tag and year... but be careful, its addicitive! Sharing - found an item you want to show everybody you know? We've integrated facebook and twitter share buttons on every item, so now you can!... read more

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