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Bernardgilson commented Jul 15, 2018:

Just testing

Volstork commented Feb 26, 2015:

Hi Mr. Smith.  I am a native of Collierville and wonder how you have come by all of these photos

Shellyb22 commented Jun 12, 2011:

Hi David

Thank you for your reply.  I'm not that far from you, I live in Kent.  Mum's side originally from Islington area and Dad's Devon, hence the photo's.  I'm a bar manager but my main passion is genealogy.  Not just the birth, marriage and death details, I really dig in and find out every aspect of their lives and of course I unearth the photo's which brings that person to life.  I'm also an art lover and always find myself drawn to abstact art, Kandinsky fasinates me.

All the best



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