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London Riots
London Riots
2011, Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, London, Uploaded by davidsmith_21 at 2013/04/14
Tags: Tottenham Mark Duggan Riots Riot London Hackney Lower Clapton Road

Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, London. Between 6 and 10 August 2011, thousands of people took to the streets in several London boroughs and in cities and towns across England in the United Kingdom. The resulting chaos generated looting, arson, and mass deployment of police. Authorities and mass media referred to these events as riots, while sympathisers described them as protest, insurrection,or "English Spring" (to parallel the Arab Spring). The events were also called "BlackBerry riots" because people used mobile devices and social media to organize. Disturbances began on 6 August 2011, after a protest in Tottenham following the death of Mark Duggan, a local who was shot dead by police on 4 August 2011.Protesters became angry after police attacked a sixteen-year-old girl who was alleged to have provoked them. Several violent clashes with police, along with the destruction of police vehicles, magistrates' court, a double-decker bus, many civilian homes and businesses, began gaining attention from the media. Overnight, looting took place in Tottenham Hale Retail Park and nearby Wood Green.

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Janes commented Apr 15, 2013:

This is an important record of a time it was  better not  to be in London although  there was activity elsewhere, of course. It was a strange set of incidents and a nasty reminder of what people in groups will do which individually most  wouldn't.

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