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Oldham & Cooper
Oldham & Cooper
1868, Birmingham, Uploaded by edjackjones at 2018/06/30
Tags: Birmingham William Oldham Oldham & Cooper Post Card

Oldham & Cooper photographic studio located at the corner of New Street and Pinfold Street, Birmingham, their name being just discernible on the top floor. First appearance in trade journal 1868, this photo dating shortly after. William Oldham recorded himself as photographer in the 1861 census.

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Edjackjones commented Jul 04, 2018:

Yes, a fabulous photograph indeed. Oldham and Cooper was formed around 1868,  William Oldham, a partner, is an ancestor of mine. I am trying to find as much about the business as I can but there seems to be little archive left other than a collection of Carte de Visites in the Birmingham Reference Library. As to the heavy drinking in Birmingham of those days and in many places of Victorian times: William's brother, John Seeley Oldham (1823-1892) was a licensed victualler of nearby Grand Junction Hotel. He managed to get his license renewed frequently at a time when Birmingham was striving to bring down the number of license holders. I imagine he had friends in high places!

Janes commented Jul 04, 2018:

What a fabulous photograph. Corbett's Temperance Hotel is interesting, too, part of an attempt to curb the heavy drinking of Victorian times

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