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Member since: 13/03/31
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Alberta, Canada

Have lived in Canada for forty years but grew up in Wolverhampton, London and Brighton. I'm a unrepentant Londonphile and have a passion for family history. My family names and their associated locations are: the Black Country (Fullard and Bush) , north east Norfolk (Hunt) and the Weald (Denyer) A synopsis of my family history can be found @


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14/09/1944, Location unknown
added by: Edmund94
22nd June 2013
1822 - 1864, Felthorpe Norfolk
added by: Edmund94
17th April 2013
1900, London, City Of Westminster, Greater London, England
added by: Edmund94
6th April 2013
1900, Westminster
added by: Edmund94
10th April 2013

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Tezwaltot78 commented Jan 20, 2018:


i currentley run the royal oak and have just began the journey of compilling the pubs history . please could you tell me when relatives ran the royal oak as we have missing dates from 1949-1954 as after that we have sydney jones from 1954-1965. also do you have any photos of there time which would be amazing to see . i have compiled a few photos myself from local archives and previous landlords releatives . thanks in advance 

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