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02/09/2011, Location unknown
added by: Geoff Henderson
2nd September 2011

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Jillybob commented Sep 05, 2011:

Thank you Geoff, yes that is my Margaret. They are together in 1881 & 1891 censuses. I have not found Caroline or Margaret in the 1871 census yet anywhere. I wondered if they were abroad? It could be that Margaret was not yet in Carolines employment at that time of course. She left Margaret with an annuity of £80 a year after her death in 1897 as well as several items of furniture including the 'ugly chair'!

Geoff Henderson
Geoff henderson commented Sep 05, 2011:

1881 Scottish Census. Caroline's household included:

Margaret Campbell

Age 47

Estimated birth year: about 1834

Relationship: servant

Gender: female

Where born: Mull, Draylesline

Registration No. 135

Registration district: Elgin

Civil parish: Elgin

County: Moray

Address: The Ruoll

Occupation: Ladies maid domestic servant

Geoff Henderson
Geoff henderson commented Sep 02, 2011:

I have an interest in the Fuller-Maitland family as a result of writing a biography of Ridley Herschell (All Love - A Biography of Ridley Herschell). Herschell's second wife was Esther Fuller-Maitland (1803-1882). Happy to share any information on the Herschell connection.

Geoff Henderson
Geoff henderson commented Sep 02, 2011:

Thanks for sharing the Maitland Family Tree. I have uploaded a painting which I have been told may be of Caroline Fuller-Maitland. Is it possible for you to confirm this from your amazing resources?

Sarah commented Aug 22, 2011:

Found in the piles of things a Maitland Family Tree; its in my uploads!

Geoff Henderson
Geoff henderson commented Aug 19, 2011:

Thanks Sarah, nice to meet a real live F-M!

Sarah commented Aug 19, 2011:

The Fuller-Maitlands are relations. Last time i was visiting my grand-parents i discovered the photo album, and brought it back with me!

Over they years i've liberated various letters and albums from my g-gp's, including a large framed family tree someone did years ago (which helped A LOT!).

I will try and put up a tree later on here, showing Ebennezer F-M's relationship to me - i just need to remove some birth dates of the living people!

There is another lady on here, Helen, who is interested in the F-M's and may have some info to help you too!


Geoff Henderson
Geoff henderson commented Aug 19, 2011:

Below should read Methodist Minister not Methodist!

Geoff Henderson
Geoff henderson commented Aug 19, 2011:

Hello Sarah

I'll make it as brief as I can 'cos it's quite a long story. I was researching my family about ten years ago, in particular a fisherman in Leigh-on-Sea who became a Christian and eventually a Methodist as a result of meeting a Jewish evangelist from Poland called Ridley Herschell. I got so interested in Ridley that I researched him for nearly ten years, on and off, and wrote a biography called "All Love - A Biography of Ridley Herschell" Esther Fuller-Maitland was his second wife and Caroline his sister-in-law. A picture of them would be wonderful! What's your interest in them and how did you get all this treasure?  

Sarah commented Aug 19, 2011:

Hi Geoff

i have some more pics, and may unearth more! It just takes time to get them out of their album, scan them etc...

What is your interest in them? Any info you have would be good!!



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