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Smiths (Lillie M. Smith) of CT, NY, MA, and RI

List of births, deaths and marriages of Smiths as they relate to Lillie M. Smith, wife of Howard Alva Parish. Included are: William Sidney Smith, b. May 10, 1828, Providence, RI, Margaretta Smith, b. Nov 1st, 1836, Boston, MA. and their children. Hannah Maria, James Samuel, Walter Sidney, Amy Etta, Charles Henry, and Lillie May b. April 3rd, 1875 in Burlington, CT. Deaths included Hannah Maria Smith, d. August 3rd, 1857 in NY which was about 2 weeks after her birth and Charles Henry Smith, d. August 29th, 1872 in Burlington, CT a mere four plus years of life. Marriage listed was for Wm S. Smith and Margaretta Barrett, by the Rev. Henry Waterman on June 5, 1856 in Providence, RI Date of list, all in the same hand, is based on latest date on document and a guess that Howard Alva Parish, husband of Lillian Mae Smith and a probable genealogy fan gathered info before his death in 1934.

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