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Mar 26, 2014
Recent Metal Detected Finds In Shropshire

In the latest newsletter from the Shropshire Archaeological and History Society, Peter Reavill highlights three recent finds. The first is a fob, hanger or dangler of later Iron Age Date, from the Baschurch area. The date is from 100BC-AD 80 and the number is HESH-D89587 on made of cast copper alloy it is circular in shape with a strange whirligig design. It is suggested that it may be a harness decoration  which hangs, one can imagine it would have been very pretty as it caught the light.

The second item (HESH-93EAD7) is a Roman plate brooch, a cast alloy disc with spoke-like decoration and which was gilded. The importance of this brooch is its rarity, especially in Shropshire. It dates from the late Roman period, AD 75-200.

But my favourite of the three has to be a Sceatta, an early medieval coin from the Albrighton area (HESH-OFD355.) This is only the tenth early Saxon Sceatta to be known in Shropshire so it is extremely important. Thought to be a contemporary copy and dating from about AD680-710, this little coin has a lot of decoration. On the one side a diadem crowned king's head and on the other a bird sitting on a cross. The exciting thing is to imagine what will be found next. The Saxon hoard made a serious rethink of Saxon history necessary and each find adds another piece to help us understand a little more of the distant past.

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