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Jul 19, 2014 | 1 comments
Court Rolls

Three of us from Sylvia Watts' Latin Group have just started to transcribe and translate the Worfield Court Rolls. The other two members, who are the experts, are Paul Walshe and Ciciely Taylor. I am the apprentice and I have a feling it will be a sharp learning curve. I thought you might like to share the first effort. Avaiable from Shropshire Archives the Ref number is 5586/1/229

23rd November 1536

The Small Court held on the feast of Clement (Pope & Martyr) in the 28th year of the reign of Henry VIII Thursday 23rd November 1536. 

  Jurors   William Hasylwoode    John Yeate            John Jameson

               John Brygyende          Thomas West       William Byllyngsley

               John de Aston           Richard Broke          John Catstrey

               Thomas Marwall         Thomas Pres?        Radolphus Grange

Richard Newe took the place of William Wolryche in the plea of trespass.
Thomas Swancot,  Roger Catstrey, Roger Foxall, William Foxall paid a fine of 6d each so as not to attend court

To this court came John Valens in his own person to testify to Richard Broke and William Bradney knights and surrendered into the hands of the Lord King 8 selions of his parcels of land in Byrcott to Thomas Bradburn, his heirs and assigns for 20 years. Payment of 4d and is admitted.

To this court came John Walker through Thomas Marwall attorney to testify to William Haselwood and John Brygende the surrender of half a virgate of land in Alscot and half a virgate of pasture in Alscot Meadow and one acre of land  called Barn Acre with its appurtenances to John Oliver and Roger Catstrey their heirs and assigns from the feast of St Michael the Archangel next following for the next 12 years. And they pay 12d to the Lord and £3 to John Walker.

To this court came John Walker through Thomas Marwall attorney to testify to Roger Catstreye and William Haslewood and surrendered into the hands of the Lord King one croft of land in Alscot with its appurtenances to the use of John Oliver and his heirs and assigns for 12 years. John Oliver paid 4d to John Walker and is admitted.

Total Sum for this court 3s 8d

2nd November 1536
The Small Court held on All Souls Day in the 28th year of the reign of Henry VIII Thursday 2nd November 1536
Jurors Roger Barret               Richard Broke        Richard Pryste
          Thomas Brodburne      John Wotston         William Byllyngsley
          Stephen Smyth            John Brygeyend     Thomas Rickthorn
          John Jance Snr            Thomas Marwall     John Yeate 
John Crogynton is in mercy  ? William Haslewood ? paid

Apologies   Alice Crogynton apologies versus John Smythe

The twelve jurors present that John Russell who held of the Lord a cottage with appurtenances in Alscot called Green House has died since the last court. A day to be given to determine the amount and owes to the Lord as a heriot and that Alicie  Russell, his daughter is the rightful heir and will owe the heriot to the Lord.

(Surrender) To this court came William Wolryche generosus in his own person and surrenders into the hands of the lord a messuage and a virgate of land with all its appurtenances in Rowlow, a fulling mill with rights of common with its appurtenaces for the use of the aforesaid William and his wife Elene  for themselves and their legitimate heirs for ever according to the constitution of the Manor. If William and Elene have no heirs the estate goes to Edward Wolryche brother of the aforesaid William. William pays a rent of 20s to the lord.

The jurors say that Thomas Marwall of Hilton held several messuages and land in Hilton has died and  a herriot is due, decision as to amount to be made at the next court.


There is a lot of fantastic information locked up in these court rolls. The important fact from this document as far as the local history of Worfield is the fact that William Wolryche was in possession of the fulling mill which shows what a lucrative business it must have been.


Joakley commented Aug 26, 2014:

What a wonderful insight you are providing with your work. Please keep it up. My 13 x great grandmother Alys Crogynton (1480 to 1543) even gets a mention.

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