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Dec 20, 2014
Happy Christmas

Early in 2014 in England, at least in the Midlands, there were floods. Just in case you had forgotten, as I had, in fact, here are some images The rain continued and Worfield History Group despaired that there would ever be any dry weather for our history exhibition. Up until the weekend before, it rained and rained and then miraculously the clouds parted for this special weekend in June. Just in case you missed the show, here it is! . It was desperately sad that the owner of Lower Hall, Chris Dumbell died shortly after this event. Chris had so generously allowed us to use the facilities of the Garden room and wander in his gardens and will be sadly missed in Worfield. The steam engines which Russell Cooke displayed were also greatly enjoyed. Another attraction which would have been impossible to display had it rained. The exhibition opened up a pandora's box of more history which I am working through as quickly as I can. It was so lovely to meet new friends.

After the exhibition I have put together a DVD of Worfield's history which should be out in the Summer of 2015. The idea is to show some of the hidden places in the parish which you may not know of.

The Court Roll project continues - slowly, very slowly and I have also been working on a book about Accidents in the Nineteenth Century. The focus is on Wolverhampton. It is too big a story to take more than a small area at a time and it is nearly there. Deadline for completion is April 1st 2015.

ShareHistory has been working hard to gather history, too. There have been some great additions to the archive. Check out Bob Shayler's additions, monuments such as this to Battle of Trafalgar Margaret Sheriden's photos of Alverley, Quatt and Highley are fantastic

There have been some hitherto unknown family members who have got in touch with their relatives and a collection of family photos which have been sent to their rightful owners.

At ShareHistory we are not good at shouting about what we do but we are creating a database of history from snippets which we all provide. If you are looking for something about a family member or any other history why not upload a photo, document or memory and tag it, searching for. The internet is such a good way for questions and answers to come together.

Here's to an exciting year of new finds in 2015.

This site is privately funded. If you would like to towards the extension of this archive we can digitise more and still keep access free.