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1830-1840, INDIA
1830-1840, India
1830-1840, India
1830-1840, India
1830-1840, India

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Indian Company Paintings
Indian Company Paintings
1830-1840, India, Uploaded by janes at 2010/06/08
Tags: Indian Art Company Paintings Indian Company Paintings Ghora Wallah

The style of these paintings on mica is European. The Europeans found it hard to relate to the Indian style of painting and so taught the Indians to paint in a European style. Many of these European patrons worked for companies such as The East Indian Company hence the name 'Company Paintings.' In fact there were Indian patrons as well. The style was, as the V&A records, 'documentary rather than imaginative,' covering scenes from everyday life. The suggestion is that this is a ghora wallah or carriage driver

Thought to date from 1830-1840 and to depict camp life (see


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Katehw commented Aug 02, 2013:

I'm an avid reader!

I have a feeling that these might just be a guide to life in India for officers about to be stationed out there: I have a friend in the Victoria Military History Society who just might be able to tell us a bit more about them.  I shall ask him...

Janes commented Aug 02, 2013:

Oh is that what it is. And I ask again, as I do all the time, just how dod you know this stuff?

Katehw commented Aug 01, 2013:

This seems to be a Ghora Wallah - the term could mean either carriage driver or groom.

I love the small fly-switch in his left hand!

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