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1880-1900, London, Greater London, England

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Pot Lids
Pot Lids
1880-1920, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2012/03/17
Tags: Yarmouth Bloater Paste J W Steward Medical Hall Bridgnorth Maison Dorin Of Paris

Maison Dorin of Paris, J. W. Steward Medical Hall Bridgnorth, Yarmouth Bloater Paste. The last item was found in the garden of the OLd House, Stableford where P.G. Wodehouse lived. Was it brought here by the family?

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Vminchener commented Mar 11, 2013:

Sounds very interesting, I look forward to seeing!

Janes commented Mar 08, 2013:

I can see the interest in the old type faces. I spent a morning with a printer in Wolverhampton called John Neve and it was amazing. When he got the old wooden letters out I just longed to see what they would have looked like when they were used. I have more of John Neve to upload - must get cracking!

Vminchener commented Mar 08, 2013:

These are really lovely, such beautiful typography!


And particularly interesting from a graphic design point of view as I can see a lot of this aesthetic in current graphic design trends for when one want to communicate an authentic or artisan product.

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