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This indenture is a mortgage between Richard Sidney Wilson of Kingslow Hall who is mortgaging the property and Herbert Pritchard Gordon of Stanmore Hall, Herbert Baker of Oldbury House, Guy Theodore Molesworth Bevan of Quatford Castle (late a Major in the royal Engineers). Richard Wilson is described as a Major (retired from the army) and farmer. The property was surrendered in 1901 by Edward Nock of Brockton in the parish of Stockton and mortgaged in 1901. There appears to be an initial mortgage with Richard Wilson as the mortgagor in 1901.This mortgage relates to the property a.)known as ‘The Bithams,’ This was formerly part of the estate of William Craddock of Stanlow and formerly in the possession of Thomas Stringer and then John Lovatt both tenants of Thomas Devey. b.)Beggar Well, Butt Leasow, Highway Piece and Big Long Piece formerly part of the estate of William Craddock of Stanlow. c.) There is mention of property listed in part 1 of the schedule which was in the hands of Edward Henry Bowen and Humphrey Clare Bowen In 1914 the mortgagor is no longer Richard Wilson which lends weight to the story that he had gone to War and left his affairs in the hands of the Bank. William Pritchard Gordon and Samuel Thomas Nicholls and the Rev William Henry Wayne and Colonel Sir John Arthur Anstice are now parties to the agreement. In 1919 there is a further transfer of the debt and in 1929 the debt is finally paid (presumably after the sale of the estate.)

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