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G. W. Porter
G. W. Porter
1901-1920, Falkirk, Central, Scotland, Uploaded by janes at 2012/04/30
Tags: Mary A Porter Thomas W Porter Bilston Enamels Enamelling G W Porter

I had assumed that the small photo in the corner was of G. W. Porter son of the couple who are believed to be G.W.'s parents, Thomas W. Porter and Mary A. Porter. At the time of the 1901 census they were 38 and 37 respectively. date estd. It is a pretty strong belief that this is who the couple are but confirmation would be good. Now it looks to me as though the small photo is an earlier one of Thomas W. Porter

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Judith10 commented Jul 02, 2012:

This couple are my great grandparents. Their daughter Gertrude Ethel was my grandmother. Thomas painted an enamelled plate for each of his children and I have Gertie's on my wall. I will upload a photograph soon

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