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Worfield Parish Magazine 1937
1937, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/01/24
Tags: W Jones Palin Hinsley John Russell Bryan Martin Phyllis Jones George Hermann Richard Jeffreys Baker Dorothy Jones Charles Jones Brenda Jones Violet Jones Thomas Jones Isabel Jones Helena Madeley Dorothy Madeley John Madeley Shingler Beddoes Elcock Mr Butcher George Cartwright Seymour Roberts Skelcher Davies Of Hilton Christie Bayliss Clews Evans Of The Limbutts Annie Hughes Iris Corfield Harry Haycocks Jack Bray Elizabeth Mary Evers Alice Corfield Annie Rowley Elizabeth May Lane Robert Simmons Gertrude Wilding Joseph Wellings Hilda May George May Peter May Cook Of Kingslow Mr Biggs Elliston Stevens Of Kingslow Clements Of Worfield Mr Collins Of Hayes Bank Mr Madeley Rose Sargeant Frederick Sargeant Joan Sargeant Ellen Wait Albert Wait Ruth Wait Esther Marion Davis William Davis Elizabeth Davis Edith Rowley William Rowley Cyril Rowley Charles Harley Rch Evans Ann Elizabeth Webb Doris Fellows Leslie Tildesley Christopher Bishton Mary Bishton Evelyn Morris Sheila Morris Emily Tomlinson Claude Tomlinson Margaret Tomlinson Thomas Edward Beddoes Lena Tucker Arthur Tucker Graham Tucker W Davis Arthur Clinton Rochelle Taylor Brown Lewis Weaver Biggs Ethel Cannon Edwin Wilding Agnes Irene Jones John Thomas Ronald Perry Cyril Edward Beddoes Mary Jane Knowles Kathleen Edith Taylor Thomas John Taylor Margaret Jane Taylor Hartland C Turner Of Cranmere Reece Preece Worfield Constables Accounts Worfield Court Rolls Conduitt Jones Law Of Hartlebury Agnes Mary Matthews John Taylor Thomas Herbert Phillips Alice Mary Turner Jack Turner John Edward Turner Bertie Plain Mabel Plain Ronald Plain Dorothy Maiklem Sheila Christine Maiklem Worfield History Cyril Lee Worfield Parish Magazine Worfield Parish Magazine 1937

Cyril Lee is the vicar and he is still struggling with his wayward parishioners who don't seem to want to go to Church. He talks about the word Church-going and says that actually it encompasses the delights of walking to and from Church and taking advantage of the peace and quiet that offers.

The court rolls have been deposited at the Public record Office, and the vicar is thinking of reproducing the parish records as a booklet to raise funds.the weather cock fell down off the spire, the coronation has been celebrated in the Parish. The vicar gives extracts from the Constables Accounts in which Gypsies were called Egyptians so in the Constables Accounts we have Item for fetching the Egiptians from Bridgnorth to Worfield. Another item is 32/- spent for bringing the Egiptians to Shrewsbury. The vicar comments that there must have been quite an encampment in Worfield. Cyril Lee goes round the farms at harvest helping out. This is his holiday. the Rev Evans has died and there are tributes to him, charles Harley also died. Worfield Nursing Association is to continue in spite of attempts to include it in other parishes. A list of the evening classes is given and the events at the Recreation Room.

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