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1661-1727, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England

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War Memorial Committee Worfield

Thee are the minutes of the meetings to determine the nature and location of a memorial to be erected to the fallen in World War 1. It seems as though there is little enthusiasm for such a monument, there only being a fair response from the parishioners. The leaders of the group go ahead nonetheless, with representatives of the landowners, farmers and working classes. The nature of the memorial was discussed. Mr Rodger wanted a lych gate but others favoured the style of a memorial in Pattingham Churchyard. the location suggested of the cross was near the gate to the Churchyard and facing out to the village. In the event it was placed on the upper side of the lower churchyard. There was a discussion about the names to be placed on the memorial. Some favoured all those who served. The bishop said that there could not be a memorial in the church giving the names of the living. Someone else suggested even the volunteers whose services had not been accepted, should be listed. In the end the names of the fallen were given with the inscription 'Lest we Forget 1914-1918.' The other half of the book is an inventory of the Evans silver including Bache, Hampson and Morrison silver

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