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In august the guides go off on their annual holiday to Saundersfoot, but the tents fail to arrive on time and the weather is shocking with eight hours of rain on one day and severe thunderstorms. The Vicar is barely paid a living wage and something must be done to increase his stipend. The Clothing Club and the school Boot and Shoe Club show how poor many in the parish are. The ARP item from November is most interesting. It refers to the fact that the crisis which had occurred at the end of September is over. However it goes on to say that precautions should be made in the event of an air raid. Clearly the author doesn’t believe the danger is over at all. Gas masks have been issued for children under 4 and wardens have been appointed throughout the parish. First aid points have been established. The Constables’ Accounts, extracts from them as transcribed by Cyril Lee, are published for 1619,1624-1625,1620-1621, 1624-1625.

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