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Worfield Parish Magazine 1874 Part 1
1874, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/03/07
Tags: John Billingsley William George Stalnely Lloyd Richard Smallman Fanny Timmins Mary Altree Thomas Sneyd Ann Elcock Worfield Parish Magazine Martha Pritchards William Reynolds William Lewis Roland Smithyman Thomas Smith William Sing Arthur Worrall William W Nock Richard Wilson Humphrey Bowen Arthur Blundell John Evers Edward Boucher George Lloyd George Macefield John Barney Thomas Botley Luke Sadler George Foxall William Mulliner Jane Fletcher Ellen Piggot Clara Shinton Eliza Bridgwater Amy Lewis Sarah E Bradley Mary L Warder Joseph Welsbrey John Payne George Mulliner James Wenlock John Stokes George Doran William Clinton James Payne James Jones Joseph Rowley Samuel Shepherd John Williams Thomas Owen Edward Richards Susannah Lewis Mary Alice Weaver Elizabeth Price Frederick John Macefield Martha Ann Lloyd Clement Price Annie Price Benjamin Lewis Mary Ann Carter James Philip Altree Charles Lewis George Fryer Thomas Tantram George Carter George Barratt Margaret Reynolds Phoebe Pritchard Mary Morriss Jane Preece Edward Rogers Emma Devey Fanny Elizabeth Milward Alice Parks Ellen Wenlock John Vaughan Eliza Thomason Richard Halward Turner Samuel Weaver George Reynolds Arthur Davis Sarah Ann Bull George Miles Matilda Mulliner Richard Preece Louisa Turner Thomas Wenlock Richard Thomas Timmins William Henry Morgan Frederick John Barratt Mary Parton John Bill Arthur Reeves William Edward Nicholls Herbert James Arthur James Alice Perks Anne Robinson Catherine Franks Richard Hughes Mary Hoccum Mary Rowley Harriett Williams Anne Hall Mary Anne Timmins Mary Ann Cartwright Charles Rowley William Turner

agents for the sale of the magazine are Richard Eykyn, Mr Hoppett, Mrs Humphreys, William Lloyd. The printers of the magazine are W. Parke, Printer, High Street Wolverhampton but the printers who bound the magazines seemed to have been Steen and Blacket of Queen Square. The parochial lending library will be in the charge of Mr Lloyd. W.A. Firth is the new curate. The night school closed for the winter and 29 lads had attended. The population of the parish is 1,700 but last Easter Day there were only 120 taking communion. The parish officers for 1874 apart from the churchwardens and lay representatives to the rural deanery of trysull (richard Eykyn and Thomas Smith) are Guardians of the Poor - Arthur Worrall and Thomas Smith, Overseers of the Poor - Richard Wilson, William W. Nock, William Sing and Roland Smithyman. Waywardens - Arthur Blundell and Humphrey Bowen and Parish Constables - William Mulliner, George Foxall, Luke Sadler, Thomas Botley, John Barney, George Macefield, George Lloyd, Edward Boucher, John Evers, William Lewis, William Reynolds

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