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Worfield Parish Magazine 1882
1882, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/04/02
Tags: Thunderstorm George Jones Of Worfield Alfred James Lloyd Walter Percy Piper Henry Newnes Albert Philpottgeorge Matthews Rowley William Wyley Sarah Jane Smithyman William Gardiner Susannah Thomas Mary Anne Timmins William Howells John Wood John Thomason Arthue Williamson Charles George Bowker Vere Cordeaux Raywood Arthur Frederick Turner George Jones George Snead Rose Amelia Rochell George Wilkes Arthur Williamson Ernest William Boucher Annie Elizabeth Fryer Elsie May Sneyd Lawrence Turner Thomas Foxall Mary Rosetta Jones Ellen Cartwright William Cartwright Elizabeth Anslow Beatrice Mary Yates Henry Cornelius Gardiner Jane Tantram William Piggot George Fryer Charles Adams John Rowley Joseph Rowley John Turner Mr Gibbons Of Cape Breton Mrs Oe Johnson Elias Edwards Beatrice Louise Davies Charles Tarrant Walter Preece Thomas Phillips James Lloyd George Breakwell William Willams (Junior) Richard Pugh Alice Thatcher Elizabeth Phazey Elizabeth Littleford Sarah Langford Richard Kemp Charles Keat Robert Herbert Marth Dyke Hannah Allport John Preece Charles Reynolds Selina Mulliner Edsin Morriss Jane Morgan Frank Hughes Mary Hopcot Martha Everall Gergiana Doran Jane Davies William Bill William Williams Of Worfield William Williams Frederick Lloyd Elizabeth Kemp Fanny Flwles Edith Fewrell Lily Reynolds Sarah Preece Sarah Morgan Annie Law Thomas Hall Annie Angel Elizabth Tarrant Fanny Mulliner Emma Jonesm Josiah Jones Mary Barker Florence Preece Mary Mahalah Robinson Jane Heans John Hall Augustus John Keat John Sidney Pope Sarah Reynolds Mary Rudge Alfred Timmins Elsie Bowen Robert Preece James Carter Martha Davies Henry James Penny George Ernest Bill Samuel Radnor Thomas Harris Of Cleobury North Elizabeth Bowen Benjamon Bowen Nock Alfred Jones Alice Louisa Pugh Girls Friendly Society Ann Cornish Richard Baker Of Worfield Eliza Rowley John Grainger Alice Wall John Bishton John Smith Of Worfield John Lewis Mercy Sankey William Crow Thomas Langford Ellen Palmer Wood White Martindale Lloyd Hardwicke Eykyn

The churchyard is being extended, a public meeting was held in Wolverhampton to start a branch there but the vicar would like to start a boys friendly society. In March the Night School has closed for the summer and has been well attended. Mr Whickham attends the girls school once a week to give out library books. The parish officers for the year were Mr Eyken and Ridley - churchwardens, Mr Blundell and Henry Sing are waywatrdens and Messrs Hemming, Stokes, Broughall and Raywood are overseers. In May (23rd) the vicar attended a church event in Wolverhampton. There was a dinner at the Peacock Hotel, Wolverhampton and during it there was a thunderstorm. At the height of the storm the chimney was struck and fell into the yard below and at the same time some of the electric fluid entered the room. The bishops prizes are awarded. The schools are being thoroughly washed and disinfected in the summer holiday although there have only been a few cases of scarletina. There are 100 boys,88 girls and 59 infants present on school inspection day. Attendance at the harvest festival was good - standing room only in the evening. The old Grammar School has been bought by Mr Davenport from the trustees and a library and reading room is to be established there.

Interestingly there are two advertisements, William Instone, who is blind is advertising himself as a basket and mat maker and Sarah Philpott of Littlegains is looking for sewing work. She has given up her job to look after her mother. Two members of the choir have died and there is an obituary of sorts. James lloyd was only a child and John Wood aged 74

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