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Worfield Parish Magazine 1878
1878, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/04/02
Tags: Eliza Blakemore Samuel Stokes Edward Price Henry Robinson John Hill William James Snead Harriet Colley Thomas Norwood Eliza White Elizabeth Perks Harry Snead Edwin Tracy Pugh Herbert Samuel Humphries Ernest Frederick Rowley William Painter Francis Millward Louisa Gordon Lois Whitbrook Mary Louisa Turner Alfred Lttleford John Lewis Katie Lizzie Bannister Mary Morriss Thomas Edwards Benjamin Robert Higgins George Maddox Ernest Edgerley Susannah Jane Hallet Harry Merchant Thomas Grosvenor Edwin Boaler Samuel Reynolds Mary E Fryer Mary Jane Thatcher Ada Mary Lloyd Mary Ann Jones Mary Ann Tarrant Thomas Phillips Edward Marindale Daniel Jones Edwin Breakwell Henry Goode Isaiah Shaw William Carter Mary Blakemore Sarah Ann Williams Emily Macefield Sarah Fewtrell Mary Addis Walter Preece Jepthah Trumper Thomas Botley Daniel Brown Samuel Morgan Annie Louisa Reynolds Annie Alice Preece Charles Hallet George Hpcot Eliza Blakemore George William Vale Sydney James Herbert Enoch Jones Richard Blakemore Elizabeth Bowen Charles Lewis Martha Ann Lloyd William Reynolds Benjamin Lewis William Fowler Jane Rogers Ellen Bull John Robinson Frederick William Philpot Alice Emily Hoccum William Bishton Amelia Winwood Mary Ann Lloyd Sarah Ann Piggott Richard Blakemore Francis Friar William Smith George Morgan Thomas Piper Sarah Ann Evers Timothy Briggs John Edwards Charles Higgs Richard Worrall Robert Millchip Harriet Jane Stokes Clara Snead Alice Cartwright Edward Humphrey Bowen Ann Hallet Maria Morris George Preece Ellen Downes Samuel Williams Mary Farmer Marion Nicholas George Milward James Bishop Annie Reynolds Catharine Baker William Bird Charles Jones William Rowley Arthur Timmins Lizzie Morris Benjamin Edwards Elizabeth Booth Richard Price Of Worfield John Butcher Frederick George Welsbrey Jessie Boaler Rhoda Edith Edwards James Emmanuel Faisey

Rumour has it that the Brierley Dole will be discontinued which is not the case. I wish the vicar had been more specific about what Mr Corbet was talking about in his address. 'Many are debating in their minds the secret of his winning influence ...they discovered the foundation of his own joy of heart which has more than anything to do with the joy he sheds around him.' Those who have won Bishop's prizes are: Benjamin Lewis,Martha Ann Lloyd, Charles Lewis, Elizabeth Bowen, Richard Blakemore,Enoch Jones,Sydney James Herbert,George William Vale,George Hopcot, Eliza blakemore, Charles Hallet,Annie Alice Preece,Annie Louisa Reynolds, Samuel Morgan, Daniel Brown, Thomas Botley, Jepthah Trumper, Walter Preece, Mary Addis, Sarah Fewtrell, Emily Macefield, Sarah Ann Williams, Mary Blakemore, william Carter, Isaiah Shaw, Henry Goode, Edwin Breakwell, Daniel Jones, Edward Marindale,Thomas Phillips,mary Ann Tarrant, Mary Ann Jones,Ada Mary lloyd, Mary Jane Thatcher, Mary E. Fryer, Samuel Reynolds, Edwin Boaler, Edward Price. A conference for clergy was held at Arley and dinner was at the Valentia Arms. the congregation was large for the harvest festival. The Night School resumes for the winter in December. Mr Beck leaves at the end of the year and he is going to Cardiff. His replacement will be Mr H.M. Whickham.

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