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Indenture Of Land At Barnsley, Worfield 1858 Part 1

This is an indenture relating to copyhold hereditaments situate in Barnsley in the Parish of Worfield in the County of Salop July 31st 1858. Mr J. Perry and others to Messrs Hoccum. The parties are on the first part 1.John Perry of New Inn, Claverley, Gentleman and John Wilson of Aston, Claverley And on the other hand 2.Langston Ellis, Bridgnorth, Gentleman 3.John Hoccom, farmer, Barnsley 4.Mary Hoccom, spinster, Barnsley and 5.William Hoccum, Old Lodge Farm, Claverley Refers to the Court Baron of 1817, John Marshall, gentleman and Thomas Hoccom, father of John Hoccum John Perry and John Wilson were executors of the will of William Ridley. Langston Ellis in the 1851 census is a jeweller in Bridgnorth The property being released is a toft and several pieces of land in Barnsley, namely, Thistley Yard - just over 1 acre, Footway Piece just over 10 acres,The Innage just over 8 acres, Head Gate or Headgate or Leadgate just over 6 acres, Hedgedale otherwise Edgedale just over 3 acres, Thistley Field just over 3 acres. All together 39 acres ie 3 nooks of land. The occupier was originally Benjamin Wheelwright then John Hoccom the elder. The trust was in favour of the late Elizabeth Glaze of Bridgnorth, widow and the late William Ridley, yeoman. John Hoccum had a life tenancy subject to the trust of Elizabeth Glaze and William Ridley. Details of payments are given. Elizabeth Glaze in 1818 married James Mellor, clothier and dies 1st February 1828 Indenture 1839 1. James Mellor 2.Mary Glaze, spinster of Claverley, only daughter of Elizabeth Glaze. 3. Charles Austin, yeoman. 4. William Corser, plumber and glazier and 5. Langston Ellis. James Mellor and Mary Glaze agree to give the land to William Corser. John Hoccom the Elder dies 7th March 1847. Michael Stokes, William Hoccum and Mary Hoccom are executors. Under his will John Hoccom leaves to Mary Hoccum the field known as Lidgate, 7 acres adjoining the Barnsley to Worfield. Mary pays part of the mortgage. William is left Long Leasow which is 4 acres and adjoins Lidgate, Feggy Piece which is 7 acres and Eggdales which is also 7 acres and adjoind Feggy Piece William Ridley dies 2nd December 1835. Without having married he leaves his estate to Elizabeth, wife of John Winnall and daughter of Thomas and Ann Ridley. Elizabeth Winnall nee Ridley is his niece. In 1831 William Ridley adds a codicil to the will stating that Sally Ridley (his sister) and Thomas Elcock, executors of the will, had both died and John Wilson is appointed executor and trustee in their place. William Hoccom and Mary Hoccom have repaid the mortgage to William Corser who has now died leaving Langston Ellis the surviving heir.

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