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Worfield Parish Magazine 1883
1883, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/04/18
Tags: Edward Jones Hannah Hall George Ernest Bill Israel Hayward Ellen Palmer Annie Hyde Robert Littleford Clara Jessie Knowles Charles Whitney Sarah Louisa Perks Julia Richards Harry Wilcox David Davies Joseph Bull Jane Bishton Maria Timmins Mabel Winifred Pugh Edith Emily Watkiss George Persehouse Thomas James Downes John Sidney Pope Emily Flora Allport Frederick Cain Emily Annie Louisa Robinson Mary Elizabeth Cooper Thomas Edward Morriss Edward Turner Ada Rogers Mary Skett Nelly Elizabeth Preece Ann Barrett Henry Rowley Andrew Jervis Thomas Botley Janes Trumper George Lloyd Wr Pugh Molineux Henry Sing Ridley Eykyn Henry Woolrich Albert Timmins Florence Preece Eva Mary Thomas Alice Sophia Littleford Emma Mary Edwards Louisa Bull James Hopcot Harriet Price Thomas John Adams John Williams William Everall Alvert Parton Harriet Edwards Arthur John Martindale Mary Elizabeth Evers Benjamin Lewis Jane Morgan Thomas Hall Josiah Jones Mary Jones Elizabeth Jenkins Thomas Philpott Richard Kemp Frances Elizabeth Wilcox Alice Thatcher Emily Price Selina Mulliner Sarah Ann Langford Georgiana Doran Jane Davies Herbert Eagles Annie Law Emma Jones Charles Ernest Keat Jane Carter Mary Welsbrey Sarah Withers Louisa Hinckley Thirza Lee Sarah Perry Harriet Gardiner Lizzie Tarrant Lily Kemp Martha Everall Louisa Philpott Jane Thomas Mary Ann Thomas Eliza Rowlands Sarah Morgan Clara Nelly Taylor Sarah Reynolds Emma Maddox Annie Morgan Alice Doran Ellen Fryer Edith Mary Juckes Susannah Haycock Woolrich Mary Kate Ridley George Watkiss David Williams Charles Walker George Thatcher Charles Tarrant Charles Reynolds Clifford Rose Richard Pugh Thomas Price John Preece William Meyrick George Mulliner Edward Martindale Frederick George Lloyd Frank Hughes James Horne Alfred Edwards Thomas Edwards Thomas Bennett George Breakwell George Foxall Thomas Roberts Bertie Ward Margaret Lane Henry Norgrove Susanna Vickers John Bennett James Emmanuel Phazey James Beard Stokes John Bell Hardwicke Alfred Brown Beatrice Harriet Palmer Frances Annie Lloyd William Henry Potts Sarah Annie Williams Ellen Eliza Morris Albert Edward Davies Agnes Maud Davies Phyllis Rowley Mary Elizabeth Copeman George Fisher Ann Macefield John Turner Fanny Milward Emma Bishton Beatrice Norgrove Ethel Mary Jones Annie Turner John Jones Harold Owen Pope Alfred Charles Hall John Rowley Ellen Hair Sisters Of St Saviours Haggerston Shoemaker Worfield James Lloyd Of Wyken Roughton Grammar School Tarrant Wyley Adderley Worfield Cricket Club Blundell Haggerston History

The custom of giving clothing to some of the children attending has had to be given up. The plan had been to give a smock frock and cap to boys and a bonnet and dress to girls. The school will in future be funded on the basis of attendance not achievement as in the past. In April's magazine it is reported that 3 rooms are to be added to the Master's House adjoining the Grammar School so that it can house more boarders than the 8 at present. Mr Tarrant has the contract under the supervision of Mr Wyley of Bridgnorth. In April there was a meeting at which it was decided to form a cricket club. Mr Davenport, Mr Adderley and Mr Blundell were to be asked to agree to the Club playing in the Park near to Chemshill Coppice. James LLoyd the shoemaker from Wyken is in failing health but asks for continued support. In August the vicar reports on a visit to the Sisters of St Saviour's Haggerston. An extra week's summer holiday has been given because the harvest is late. Money was returned to a number of children because of good attendance. Children living in Worfield, Wyken and Hallon will be expected to attend 15 days more than those elsewhere in the parish. Mr Wickham, the curate is leaving to take over at Alveley.

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