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Harrison Weir Sketch, Three Home Pets
Harrison Weir Sketch, Three Home Pets
1884, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/04/18
Tags: Harrison Weir Sketch Dogs Dogs Harrison Weir

Taken from an 1884 parish Magazine, this Harrison Weir sketch depicts 3 dogs, the one in the middle being a collie type. Harrison Weir was a self taught artist who made a good living from his illustrations and paintings. He was also a writer and wrote a book on poultry which took him twenty years to write.

Born in 1828 Harrison Weir became a pupil of George Baxter to learn colour printing. Harrison Weir didn't take to the print trade, but set himself up as an artist and was self taught. In 1841 he married the daughter of J.F. Herring, the celebrated painter of horses. He was to marry three times in his life. Harrison Weir was an illustrator for an number of journals including The Illustrated London News

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