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Worfield Parish Magazine 1886
1886, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/04/19
Tags: Mary Steele Marion Phasey Thomas Wenlock William Perry John Lane George Sargeant Lucy Morris Sarah Elizabeth Elcock Amy Winifred Watkiss Cornelius James Washbrook John Pursehouse Jane Fryer Alfred Edwards Joseph Bowenjanes Humphries Mary Ann Yapp George Fouracres Henry Jones Thomas Littleford Alfred Williamson Charles Claybrook Kate Susan Cartwright John William Morris Ernest Parton Platt White Broughall Roach Hoole Atkins Apottow Cpottow William Allport Joanna Smith Fanny Turner George Henry Gardiner Fanny Jones Sarah Jones Richard Lewis James Cyril Pope Mary Willcox Lizzie Whitbrook Harry Weaver Harry Tarrant Frederick Preece Richard Langford Alice Jones Arthur Gretton William Turner George Reynolds Edmund Reynolds Arthur Mulliner Florence Lloyd Edith Keat Emily Ann Turner Harry Pugh Jane Poole Thomas Petford George Lewis Annie Jones Walter Hyde Alfred Fryer Eliza Langford Charles Jones Annie Hall Harriet Williams Charles Pugh Alfred Lloyd Charles Franks Ernest Empson Mary Elizabeth Turner Matilda Mulliner William Millard Herbert Tarrant Emma Philpott Eaton Hardman Sarah Ellen Carter William Carter Ann Smith Alfred Jones Francis Potts Lucy Mary Fryer Margaret Jane Jones Kathleen Mildred Preece Edith Langford Harriet Mary Shepherd Rose Mary Leak Christina May Franks Sarah Gittins Jane Phazey Sarah Fouracres Thomas Ashwood Elizabeth Palmer Thomas Alfred Taylor Marion Phazey William Instone Thomas A Wilson John Bell Hardwick Richard Juckes Henry Callant Richard Wilson Thomas Meredith William Richard Pugh Samuel Ridley Richard Eykyn Tom Boaler Mary Roberts Emma Reynolds Alfred Blundell Sarah Niholls Sarah Rogers Mary Snead John Watkiss Eleanor Agnes Marindin Thomas John Franks Clara Nelly Taylor Herbert Hughes Ann Maria Hough John Hudson William Bertram Duncalfe William Roberts Lizzie Macefield Fanny Alice Timmins Thomas Bowen Hannah Adams John Downes John Henry Lloyd William Davis Rose Hetty Bird Charles Tarrant Mary Burgess Mary Ann Morriss William Daniel Rowley Charles Andrew Robinson Emma Preece Isaac Tarrant Charles Ernest Preece Margaret Thomas William Lewis Sarah Ann Vincent John Corfield George Frederick Stokes Jesse Sneyd John Barker Joseph Poulton Clara Ellen Snead Henry Curran Hannah Williams Laura Barratt Philip Henry Williams Charles William Thomas John Charles Boaler Burnett Worfield Parish Magazine Worfield Parish Magazine 1886

The bells have been quartered and rehung. The Club Room is now a reading room, Frederick Lloyd is assistant teacher in place of Benjamin Lewis.
William Instone is still making baskets for sale.
Open air services are held throughout the summer. Hoccum pools and Hilton were well attended.

Accident reported in parish magazine
The practice of throwing rice at weddings is not only foolish but dangerous, a bridegroom at a London wedding got several grains in his eye. ‘When he raised his arm to protect himself a fresh fusilade was opened upon him.’ His honeymoon was spent in hospital.

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