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Worfield Parish Magazine 1885
1885, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/04/19
Tags: William Jones Charles James William Rowley William Carter Charles Jones Margaret Lewis William Williams Frederick Lloyd William Sneyd Edith Lloyd Samuel Reynolds William Reynolds Harriet Edwards Mary Jones William Turner Thomas Littleford John Rowley Mary Preece Richard Richards William Gardiner Matilda Mulliner George Reynolds Ellen Wenlock Mary Morriss Thomas Tantram John Williams Edmund Reynolds Eykyn Charles Reynolds Fanny Mulliner Jane Morgan Charles Keat Richard Kemp Charles Tarrant Sarah Lewis Herbert Tarrant Eaton Hardman George Gardiner Blundell Emma Jones Herbert Eagles Emily Price Thomas Philpott Ridley Henry Rowley Jane Bishton Emma Preece Sarah Williams Maria Langford Edwin Morris Henry Kemp Henry Maddox Elizabeth Turner Osmond Pugh Eliza Langford Edith Keat John Merchant Arthur Mulliner Alice Jervis William Littleford Ethel Kemp Frances Thatcher Sarah Carter Florence Lloyd Atkins Annie Hall Mary Faisey Clara Angel Clara Ellen Snead Charles Ernest Preece Mary Roberts Emma Philpott William Millard Richard Lewis Hoole John Pursehouse George Richards Walter Minshell Ernest Fryer Alfred George Wilcox John Lock Emily Wozencroft Maria Cartwright John Evers Esther Burrow Charlotte Mildred Rose Jessie Louise Philpott Henry Tantram Elizabeth Hayward Thomas Cartwright Maria Macefieldethel Griffin Anne Helen Littleford Lotty Wall Samuel Thomas Benjamin Weaver Elizabeth Cartwright Elizabeth Sergeant Mary Ann Bowen Richard Bentleyeyken Pugh James Piper Benjamin Jones Edward Powell William Woolrich Thomas Wilson Arthur Charles Wilding Thomas Gardiner Elizabeth Grant Samuel Barker Agnes Scott Thomas Snead Maud Keat Alice Totty David Bearsmore Elizabeth Malpas Martha Lester Thomas Mulliner Thomas Miward Sarah Watkins Frederick Charles Downes Charlotte Mary Shepherd Cecil Edgar Pugh Margaret Elizabeth Juer Pugh James Rice Emma Elizabeth Sothern Arthur Harris Emma Billingsley Thomas Reeves Emily Richards James Higgs Sarah Ethel Richards Myra Rachel Pope Jessie Hair Edmund Jones William John Mansell Sarah Dalloway Thomas Thomason Ann Williams Beatrice Williams Lucy Day Arthur Calder Jesse Robinson Evelyn Thatcher Samuel Gretton A Pottow Harriet Jones William Higgins Jospeh Harley Lizzie Richards Mabel Morris Bernard Turner Alice Mary Jones Mary Ann Roberts John Sargent Watkin Thomas Sankey Henry Allport Margaret Rowley Louisa Wenlock Charles Annie Abbott Norah Lizzie Abbott Richard Thomas William Philpott Richard Bishton William Knowles Andrew Sargeant John Eales Doughty William Wall Edward Norwood William Robinson George Franks George Broughall John Angel Thomas Lewis George Hudson William Faisey Samuel Vincent Frederick Wenlock John Fryer John Reynolds William Bennett Richard Alport Arthur Reynolds Richard Robinson William Wilson Charles Henry Gough Robert Meredith Henry Woodyear Smith Catherine Fincher Fanny Edwards Charlotte Harding Elizabeth Griffiths Fanny Ward Rhoda Franks Sarah Serjeant Jane Devey Elizabeth Challenor Sarah Hannum Emma Reeves Ellen Purselow Ellen Jervis Clara Elcock Eliza Piper Emma Corfield Jane Humphries Mary Davies Ann Molineux Rose Brown Mary Evans C Pottow

Poor old William Instone is crying out for work as basket and mat maker. A font cover has been ordered and will cost £30. Messrs Hardman of Birmingham will supply it. Mr Leighton is leaving for a curacy near Oxford. The bells have to be rehung as they are dangerous

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