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Worfield Mill
Worfield Mill
1939, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/04/19
Tags: Worfield Mill

Worfield Mill in the process of being demolished. This is a description of the mill as given by Colin May

In Lower Hall the pool/ river channel was larger then the current Upper Pool as now known
The two arched masonry culverts discharged into a pool with osier/withies in later years at least. The pool discharged to a wider and longer channel than at present to its confluence with the Worfe roughly opposite The Dog.

By 1968 the Mill Close development was completed, Lower Hall pool made smaler, the Mill and East culvert demolished. The west culvert was retained or modified, the downstream pool and original Mill channel filled in and a new smaller and shorter channel cut at the rear of the garages to join the Worfe. The Mill Close Bungalows are roughly on the edge of the old pool and channel. the current single culvert and channel look smaller than the original.

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