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Worfield Parich Magazine 1888
1888, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/05/07
Tags: A Marindin Mary Evers Fg Lloyd Worfield Parish Magazine Mary Hardwick Alice Gardiner Harriet Elizabeth Stokes Annie Evans Thomas Molyneux Thomas Blunt Fanny Maddox Harriet Kirkland Alfred Evans Frederick Smith William Instone Elizabeth Greenfield Sarah Williams John Botley Thomas Andley Fanny Edwards William Massey Emily Overton Clara Louisa Richards Gwendoline Eva Phillips Jane Weaver Ann Raisewell Eliza Overton John Smith Alice Woolrich Robert Alexander West Charles Langford Marian Eliza Preece Alfred Lloyd Charles Jones George Mulliner William Thatcher Samuel Jones Mary Harriett Wilcox Henry Isaac Tarrant Richard Jervis Jane Poole Harry Snead Elizabeth Pursehouse Elizabeth Merchant Mabel Kemp Emily Keat Ada Mary Jones Emily Ann Turner Evelyn Helen Thatcher James Richard Smith George Henry Lewis Alice Jones Mary Ann Hallett Alfred Fryer Charles Christopher Franks Sarah Ellen Carter John Malpas Harry Langford Lillian Gething Percy Eagles Ethel Esther Kemp Alfred Charles Lloyd Emily Dickenson Arthur Breakwell Elizabeth Ann Gee Frances Thatcher Herbert Tarrant Charles Edward Jones Sarah Ward Smith Elizabeth Humphries Walter Bennet Alice Jemima Wilcox Amelia Kate Ward Ethel Annie Parton Florence Annie Jones Lizzie May Jones Richard Lawley Richard Henry Woolrich Annie Gething George Macefield Sarah Price William Rogers Farrington Alfred Ernest Onions Thomas James Massey Samuel Edward Turner John James Russell Eva Emma Hughes Mary Pinches Sarah Bill Martha Barker Maria Hudson Thomas Littleford John Jones Annie Withers James Arscott Sarah Bell John Knowles Beatrice Alice Rowley Thomas Sydney Jones Anne Hall Richard Matthews Samuel Heans Mary Eleanor Evans Frederick Tom Gardiner John Perks Richard Everall Edith Bentley Mary Steele Hannah Ellen Preece Thomas Barker Sarah Preece Edward Haynes James Henry Potter Jane Elizabeth Carter Ellen Malpas Edmucd Nicholas Richard Juckes John Turner Lucy Ellen Evans Samuel Rowley Cw Tarrant Harriet Barbara Philpot Maud Frances Lloyd Wood Mrs White Of Worfield Martindale Lloyd Hardwick Eykyn

The reredos has been completed in the church and a plaque to the effect that it was erected by the parishioners is hanging in the church. The Vicar has been staying in Brighton and declares it a truly wonderful place in the March edition. He describes it in great detail and I only wish he would describe Worfield as well as this. The new school buildings are fast rising and the infants school should be in its new home in May. The playground has been extended. The date for harvest festival has to be chosen and it is. essential that it is a moonlit evening. William Instone is advertising his skill in basket and mat making (Oct). The Mothers’ Union has 85 members

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