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Worfield Parish Magazine 1889
1889, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/05/30
Tags: Worfield History Weather Worfield School Worfield Parish Magazine 1889

Baptisms: Annie Beatrice Cartwright, Charles Henry Whitney, Martha Littleford, Catherine Phillips, David John Elcock, Christiana Rose Morris, Thomas George Carter, Edith Mary Mansell, George Dorrell Shepherd,Alice Kirkham, Charles Morris, ethel Mary Hudson, Edward John Hill, Martha Bishton, Kathleen Martha Pugh, Ernest Matthews, Thomas George Guttrig,Henry Child,Eliza Timmins,Tamar Rosetta Dickinson,Florence May Reynolds,Ernest William Maddox,George William Philpot,Charles Gwilliam,Sarah Mildred Thomas,Clara Crowther,Henry Weale,George Pinches,Frederick John Edwards, William Henry John Whittaker Jackson

Marriages: Joseph Pollard,Mary Anne Hughes,Frank Chesterfield,Ann Price,Nathaniel Sutton,Mary Ann Barker,Harry Dyke,Sarah Maria Adams,Thomas Wenlock,Alice Doran,Daniel Jones,Charlotte Juckes

Burials: Martha Adams, The Union, 88, Thomas Wood of Hartlebury, Margaretta Powell, George Reynolds of Wyken aged 14, Theophilus Pritchard, John Thomas, Louisa Breakwell,Eliza Higgins, William Littleford, Mary Shepherd, Jane Williams,Henry Stafford,Elizabeth Reynolds, Thomas Mollineux,William Cartwright, John Jones,William Reynolds,Frances Smith,Francis Brown,James Elcock

The parish magazine is to cost a penny but 300 must be sold. It is operating at a loss of a halfpenny each. Mr Nicholas has taken his ailing wife to Budleigh Salterton which has a ‘deplorable church.’ Lady Adderley has paid towards the reredos but they are soon to leave the parish A fire broke out in one of the rooms of Mr Davenport’s house in London, lately and would have proved very serious but for those very useful safeguards called ‘hand grenades,’ which were close by on the staircase and proved effectual even when the flames were up to the ceiling. Secondly the people on the spot kept their heads. There is a bit of a barb in the report though, that had the squire lost his London home he might have retreated to the rural one. ‘It would have been a pleasant thing for us to give him that welcome which only awaits his return.’

Edith Lloyd,Frederick Lloyd ,Charles tarrant and Cissie Thatcher are mentioned for school achievement. Bishop’s prizes are awarded to Alfred Lloyd,Herbert Tarrant,William Turner,Arthur Breakwell,Richard Jervis,Mary Dyke, Harry Langford,Charles Franks,Alfred Fryer,Mary Wilcox,Benjamin Carter,John Claybrooke,Ernest Turner,Richard Hicks,George Mulliner,Clara Franks,Daisy Fryer,Ellen Jones,Albert Preece,Frances Robinson,Ernest Rowley,helen Tarrant,Percy Eagle,Elizabeth Gee,Samuel Jones,Richard Langford,Frank Millward,Henrietta Morris,Elizabeth Pursehouse,Harriet Syner,Kate Morris,George Preece,Elizabeth Rowley,Lottie Rowley,harry Tarrant,william Thatcher,Mary Turner,Mary Jones

Parochial workers appointed were Mr Rochell, Andrew Jervis,Henry Jukes,W.H. Webb,Henry Callant, Benjamin Jones, William Piper, Richard Wilson,William Richard Pugh,Richard Eykyn,Samuel Ridley, All the confirmation candidates are listed and the school report is given. The weather was good for the harvest

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