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Worfield Parish Magazine 1895
1895, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/08/05
Tags: Frances Hallden Alice Thatcher Mary Anne Adams Clara Jones Grundy Thomas Bishton Elizabeth Taylor Edward Evans Ellen Matilda Lay Samuel Ridley Mabel Eliza Lee Annie Maria Butcher Samuel Thomas Elcock Charles Jones Louisa Bennett Florence Jane Pugh John Edward Wood Mary Jane Harley Henry Gillson Sarah Ann Langford John Allen Turner Mary Blount William Hordley Ben Lewis Ellen Griffiths Sidney Rogers John White Thomas Frank Rolls Emily Furnivall Harriet Sneyd Thomas Woodward Pugh Gladys Morriss Cyril Percy Morriss William Charles Price Eliza Rowley Alice Jane Barratt William Henry Rowley Annie Davies Samuel William Thomason Martha Louisa Lloyd Henry Jones Albert Hugh Jones Gertrude Payne Charles Henry Adams Daisy Elizabeth Jones Joseph Henry Preece Agnes Violet May Lewis Judith Eileen Butler Alice Evason Harry Snead John Jones Mary Ann Mulliner Tarrant Mary Ann Thomas Stafford Ellen Gardiner Edward Hall Sarah Sarjeant James Howells Stanley Deakin Joseph Massey Hugh Williams Henry James Corns Ada Evans Sarah Anne Hudson Louisa Preece Deed Edward John Boucher Jane Bufton Alice Louisa Newell James Syner Annie Eliza Jones Albert Henry Jones Gertrude Langford Elizabeth Price James George Houldsworth George Samuel Ridley Bessie Kathleen Jane Gittins William Instone Sarah Burrows Lucy Jane Cannon Richard Wa;Ford Elsie Mary Phillips Nellie Howells Ruth Worrall Henry George Thatcher Edith Elizabeth Minton Alec Herbert Hughes Mary Elizabeth Cartwright Annie Lloyd Thomas Hanson Averill Frank Gardiner George Joseph Hadderly Percy Gardiner R S Wilson J Turner Ridley T Price E P Nicholas Meredith Levett H A Juckes D Jones J Eykyn Davenport Callant H C Bowen Mary Ann Williams Sarah Turner Eliza Botley Benjamin Wellings Martha Maddox Fanny Thomason

January 1895 was a month of hard weather but July one of drought, the worst since 1868 'when some of us can remember the weary months of heat and dryness, the constant expectation of rain, the constant disappointment.' And then it did rain, a glorious thunderstorm.' The August magazine reports that the school closes earlier than usually because of some cases of scarlatina. Annie Lloyd's shop needs support as does poor William Instone In August the Mother's Union went on a trip to Worcester. It is a nice description of a day out in Victorian times - how they got there, what they did etc. Mr Grundy the heating engineer seems to have done a bad job and it sounds as though he is going to get a severe talking to about its inadequacies. Thomas Rogers has met with an accident and drowned while trying to retrieve his hat from the river. Which river I don't know, the only deaths of a tHomas Rogers I have found were at Oswestry and Atcham. The latter may be more likely.

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