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Worfield Parish Magazine January 1896 Sept 1898
1896-1898, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/08/05
Tags: Michael Wellesley Wesley Louis Wellesley Wesley Mary Jane Thomason William Reynolds Lucy Evans S Phillimore P G Phillimore Amy Reynolds Thomason Penelope Leighton Norah Ellen Gladys Ashberry Jessie Gertrude Price Louisa Gardiner Jospeh Brown Frances Skinner Agnes Mary Painter James Daniels Henry Maddoxmary Ann Louisa Timmins Thomas Hill Rose Rowley Thomas Parton Frederick William Bennett Samuel William Thomason Jane Geddes Stoddart Mary Ann Lewis Samuel Burrows Mary Jane Wenlock William Parton Annie Lewis Thomas Bedward Christopher Monckton Ellen Lucy Claybrook Elizabeth Ashwood Maria Idiens Mary Fletcher Sarah Jane Morris Charles Henry Smith Mildred Shepherd Joseph Pugh Emma Gertrude Fryer Winifred Mary Elcock John Frederick Wilcox Fire Engines William Whitney Eliza Smith Mary Elizabeth Hopcott George Lucas Phyllis Rowley Jones James Smith John Jones Lucy Wenlock Walter George Cannon Evan Paul Ridley Minnie York William Henry Wynn Worfield Bounds Worfield Charter Alice Jervis William Henry Wynne Ann Crowther Evason Jane Williams Eliza Jackson Lizzie Richards John Martin Sarah Ann Taylor Edith Ellen Pugh Frederick Morriss Harold Botley Frederick George Hill Louisa Watkiss William Hawkins John Wallace Victor Merchant Nelly Gradiner Harry Victor Crump Phoebe Deakin Caroline Broughall Ambrose Ralph Philpott Elizabeth Lydia Johnson John Walton Hamp Thomas Taylor Marian Elizabeth Piper George William Finn Florence Elizabeth Lloyd William Gillespie Ellen Wainwright Harry Smith Lilian Cash Estella Lilian Gaspard Julia Sophia Smith William Mulliner Thomas John Adams John Lewis Burrows Jane Carter Alice Onions Annie Mabel Devey Nellie Mary Devey Harold George Price William Fryer Charlotte Rowley Jones Edwin William Bennett Lizzie May Hopcott Wallace Thatcher Marth Ann Lloyd Mary Smith Stokes George Thomas Fincher Vida Alice Downes Percy Harold Pitt Norah Alice Payne Mary Monckton John Horace James Hordley Thomas William Harry Hordley Catherine Blanche Rochelle Clara Rebecca Williams Laura Deakin James Roper Jones Grace Ethel Perry Fanny Gertrude Gillson Samuel Rowley Fanny Elizabeth Millard Thomas Griffiths Ellen Wenlock John Edward Perry Angelica Nancy Dawson John Gardiner George Thomas Lewis Charles Jones Thomas Fletcher William Barker Edward Powell Mary Elizabeth Taylor Wiliam Ford Lockett Agnes Vernon Richards Patience Lily Richards Harry York Ellen Elizabeth Elcock Edith Howells William Instone Annie Lloyd Mary Hand Mary Dyke Rosanna Moseley Arthur Shepherd Harry Preece Alfred Reynolds Elizabeth Brown Fanny Richards Alfred Gardiner Harry Cooke William Richard Lewis Elizabeth Merchant John Stokes Mary Kate Wall Edward Gascoigne Mary Matilda Aston Thomas Gardener Emily Jane Macefield Charles Hopcott Gertrude Beatrice Dowman Harry Floyd Mary Ann Dyer Georgina Doran William Hopcott Annie Sneyd Joseph Downes Lilian Elizabeth Tonge Mary Anne Jones Dorothy Emily Cox Florence Ada Gilson Albert Timmins William Wenlock Isabella Marindin May Elizabeth Davies Frank Shepherd Worfield Quoits Mary Hardwicke Annie Whitney Mary Ellen Fryer Gertrude Mary Bishton Samuel Davis Mary Myatt Mary Ann Felton Herbert James Ada Mary Lloyd John Whitefoot Wilcox Albert Harry Strafford George Hughes George Smythe Henry Harold Samways Cecil William Thatcher Wilfred Gerald Shepherd Winifred Mary Yate Ellen Crowther Charles William Pugh Mary Harley Henry John Sarah Ann Maddox Angelo Lear Johnson Susannah Skutt Edwin Thomas Walter Leek Charles John Hicks Alfred Hadderley Charlie Wenlock C Pass A Kilner Wgadsby Harry Sneyd Elizabeth Price Margaret Evelyn Gittins Sophia Baker Frederick John Price Harold George Franks Frances Jones Annie Hall Thomas Evans Fanny Bertha Pritchard William Pace Harold Allport Worfield Parish Magazine

Includes details of the clebrations to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, trips galore and a

part- document of the meers and bounds of the Liberty of Worfield. The Worfield Charter is translated from the Latin. Mr Nicholas's time as a vicar of Worfield comes to an end and that of the Rev Louis Wellesley Wesley begins

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