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Worfield Parish Magazine 1899
1899, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/08/05
Tags: Lionel Strong Mary Tong Richard Tong Ellen Maria Tong Jane Wilcoxedith Morris Thomas Howell Eliza Taylor George Bennett Sarah Jane Price John Arthur Price William Charles Price Alfred Fryer Mary Louise Ferriday Frederick Ferriday Ethel Dorothy Ferriday Grace Chaplin William Chaplin Caroline Grace Chaplin Arthur Monckton Gertrude Monckton Marmaduke Monckton Ellen Ward Charles Edward Ward William Henry Ward Agnes Merchant John Merchant Doris Agnes Merchant Mary Ann Williams Thomas Williams Doris May Williams Hannah Davis Charles Davis Jessie Davis Elizabeth Bishton John Bishton James Bishton William Philpott Lilian Ellen Philpott Charlotte Evelyn Gilroy Alexander Thomas Livingstone Gilroy Esme Mary Gilroy Mary Amelia Monford Edward Monford Richard Monford David Monford Jane Farmer William Farmer Agnes Corns Elizabeth Cornsmrichard Corns Alice Elizabeth Powell Mary Elizabeth Bowen Alice Louise Cooke Albert Edward Farmer John Thomas Hill Ellen Elizabeth Elcock Elizabeth Kilvert George Deans Margaret Ellen Overton William Arthur Palmer Benjamin Roles Ann Reynolds Jane Anzel Ellen Elizabeth Rimmell Mary Ann Gillsonfrancis Harley Rimell John Charles Gillson William George Gillso James Taylor Frederick James Taylor Mary Elizabeth Shepherd Mary Parton William Parton Albert Percy Parton Maria Jones William Jones Hilda Jones Edith Rochell Samuel Corfield Thomas Corbett Corfield Beatrice Dowman Henry Martyn Dowman Dorris May Dowman Anne Elizabeth Morris Frederick Morris William Morris Wva Morris Mary Jane Houlsworth Elizabeth Richards Alice Maria Houlsworth John William Richards Walter Ernest Hill Ann Morris William John Payne John Fletcher William Piper Phoebe Lloyd Alice Cannon Emma Jones Alfred Thatcher Fanny Worrall John Worrall Maggie Worrall Gerald Hitchings William George Elcock Louis Wellesley Wesley Caroline Careless Gladys Mary Careless Worfield Parish Magazine

Louis Wellesley Wesley soldiers on. He bemoans the fact that so few children come to church, he arranges carriages to bring people from the far-flung corners of the parish but still the working men fail to come.

The curate, G. Hutchings leaves and is replaced by Lionel Strong

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