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Worfield Parish Magazine 1900
1900, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/08/06
Tags: Gods Acre Fanny Baker Annie Agatha Felton George Maddox Rhoda Catt Edwin James Elcock Charles Henry Morris Hannah Rawlings Elizabeth Philpott Joseph Barratt Louisa Mary Watkiss Alice Gardiner George Gardiner Bertha Gardiner Charles Edward Ward Nellie Ward Catherine Middleton Richard Middleton Doris Middleton Elsie Maude Ashberry Ada Ashberry Frederick Richard Ashberry Frederick Stanley Ashberry James Jones Annie Perks John Perks Louisa Beatrice Perks Rhoda Christine Preece William Preece Thomas John Preece Haslewood Sidney Wilson Thomas Nicholls John Turner Matilda Pugh Richard Pugh Thomas James Pugh Emma Butcher Thomas Butcher Eliza Butcher Alice Wenlock Thomas Wenlock Gladys Wenlock James Preece Ellen Preece John Charles Preece Ann Day Mary Ann Bennett Hannah Bishton James Withers Frances Sarah Jones John Passmore Hannah Massie Charles Lucas Louisa Bennett William Charles Horton Samuel Corfield Rochell Edith Rochell Samuel Leslie Rochell Alice Ethel Elcock William Richards Dorothy Martha Shepherd Frances Kate Wickham Henry William Kensit Sarah Jane Jones George Jones Elsie Ellen Jones Helen Mark Levett Walter Leveson Byrd Levett Rachel Helen Levett W E Pugh Jane Hangell Joseph Mansell Elizabeth Deans George Deans Arthur Alfred Deans Leah Richards Harry Richards Francis Marindin Maria Edwards Fanny Hughes Harry Hughes Frederick Harry Hughes Mary Reynolds William Reynolds Edith Roberta Reynolds Yew Trees In Churchyards George Dean Verner Grove Horton Sergeant Rowley Milton Talbot Dawes Walter Bishop Harry Weaver William Thatcher William Jones George Snead Thomas Timmins Sarah Williams Haenry Branson Eliza Downes James Downes James Percy Downes Eliza Morris George Morris Louisa Ellen Morris Margaret Eyken David Taylor Harriet Stokes William Cliff Emma Billingsley Ann Jervis John Boraston Hemmings Sarah Botley Thomas Botley Stanley Botley Caroline Jones Richard Jones John Jones Ada Mary Wilcox John Whitefoot Wilcox William Humphries Wilcox James Syner Henry Mapp Wainwright Gertrude Monckton Harry Fryer Tarrant A Fryer William Instone Lloyd Jones Mapp George Reynolds Ann Kennett Sarah Richards Fanny Snead Charles Anslow Ada Overton Herbert Overton Frederick James Overton Sarah Jones Daniel Jones William Daniel Jones Worfield Parish Magazine

In July the future King George V and Queen Mary visited Wolverhampton and 157 children from Worfield went to see them. Sidney Wilson organised the six waggons, in which seats had been made, and they left Ackleton at 7.45. This meant that those from Worfield had to leave at 6.30am. They went through Pattingham and at the Mermaid stopped for a glass of milk and a scone. Twenty minutes was allowed for refreshment and exercise. They left Wightwick at 10.15 for Wolverhampton, where they stopped at the top of Compton Road and met Mr and Miss Wilson. At 11.45 they drew up in a place specially reserved for them at Chapel Ash.

A water-cart providing water was monopolised by the children, who were very thirsty. At 12.50pm the procession passed and the representatives of  Worfield parish gave every practical expression in their intense loyalty.

At 1pm the whole party was provided with refreshment: sandwiches, cake and  lemonade which was amply appreciated, and at 1.45pm a start was made. amidst much cheering for Mr Sidney and Miss Wilson, to drive through the principal streets, seeing the decorations en route. Wightwick was again reached at 3.15 and tea was provided at 4 o'clock, teachers and friends rendering invaluable assistance. While at Wightwick the Royal Party drove by , and were again welcomed by loud and hearty cheering. At 5.20 the children left, returning through Pattingham to Patshull Pool, after each one had been presented with a book in memory of the event, the gift of Mr Wilson.

On the return journey the Royal Party passed the children, who cheered them loudly, but even more loudly as Lord Dartmouth passed by waved his hand to them until he passed out of sight.

All arrived at Patshull Pool at 7.30 and thence went by various routes to their respective homes; some waggons going to Chesterton, Hilton and Worfield, others to the Ackleton District.

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