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Worfield Parish Magazine 1902
1902, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/08/06
Tags: William Jones Henry Hayes Isabella Hayes Worfield Parish Magazine Thomas Handley William Lloyd Richard Jervis Mary Meredith William Jervis Annie Jervis William Hopcott Georgina Hopcott Frederick Sargeant Alice Corfield John Lewis John Whitefoot Wilcox Sarah Jane Jones Alex Boucher Edith Mary Wilcox Richard Eykyn William Reynolds Thomas Parton John Sargeant John Edwards Sarah Richards Elizabeth Hill Elizabeth Bishton Elizabeth Price Richard Jones Edwin James Elcock Edward Richards James Payne Mary Elizabeth Jones Edith Morris Elizabeth Richards George Jones Alice Wall Richard Pugh Jane Carter George Lloyd John Merchant John Corfield Emily Ann Turner Sarah Jones Henry Jones Thomas Wenlock Richard Bishton John Perks George Henry Lewis William Fryer Ann Payne Agnes Merchant Richard Tong Daniel Jones Ada Mary Wilcox Caroline Jones James Downes Eliza Downes Leah Richards Joseph Mansell William Richards Alice Wenlock Matilda Pugh Annie Perks Henry Moorhouse Sarah Moorhouse Rose Parton Florence Payne Elfrida Geraldine Jones Richard Owen Jones Louisa Mary Jones George Foxhall Jane Sharpe Ann Dugmore Wood Nellie Perks Rosie Elizabeth Bishton Charles Thomas Parry William Parry Elizabeth Parry Edith Richards John Richards Jane Cannon Henrietta Maria Joynson Ethel Beatrice Downes Fanny Sargeant William Sharp Edward Charles Thomas Annie Overton Lavinia Julia Tong Annie E Evans Edith J Evans Elsie May Overton Wilfred Overton Fanny Overton Rom Wilfred Royal Merchant Annie Elizabeth Newsome William Newsome Betsy Newsome John Davies Milner Lucy Wilcox Samuel Yapp Agnes Fanny Preece Elizabeth Preece Edith Corfild Ethel Elizabeth Clinton Selina Clinton Rose Marion Mansell Jane Mansell Charles Wyatt James Charles Christie Lucy Christie Joseph Edward Woolley Lizzie Careless David Evan Jones Emily Mabel Pickering Martha Louisa Jones Lucy Mary Jervis Mary Lucinda Jervis Samuel George Reynolds Mary Jane Reynolds Henry Edward Jervis Daisy Mary Wenlock William Todd Edith Mariam Moorhouse Walter Charles Edwards George Edwards Martha Edwards Sydney Simmonds George Simmonds Harriet Jane Catt Edith Helen Elcock Rhoda Elcock Henry Duncan Turner William Henry Turner Margaret Ann Turner Samuel Henry Watkiss Eva Hughes Millicent Thomas Rose Wenlock Margaret Handley Elizabeth Handley Joe Smithyman Josiah Smithyman Henrietta Smithyman Hilda Clara Garbett William Garbett Clara Ann Garbett Thomas Edwin Jones Ernest Jones Cyril Edward Reynolds Arthur James Reynolds Jessie Margaret Reynolds Margaret Jane Meredith Arthur Meredith Joseph Cecil Bomford Thomas Henry Bomford Louisa Bomford Frederick George Thomas George Henry Thomas Lilian Thomas Ethel Gertrude Tong Mary Ann Tong Susan Alexandra May Childs John Thomas Childs Milly Elizabeth Childs Alice Ethel Hopcott Abel Francis Lee Elizabeth Ann Fryer Arthur Bill Florence Ruth Richards Henry Richards Albert Edward Everall James Everall Mary Jane Everall John Edward Bishop Alfred Thomas Bishop Edith Annie Bishop Ethel Pugh Kathleen Edith Burrows John Lewis Burrows Jane Burrows Edith Mary Parton Alice Minnie Fryer Sarah Fryer Albert Sam Hayes Mabel Annie Pugh Charles W Pugh Ellen Pugh Frank Bottley Thomas Bottley Sarah Bottley Beatrice Whitney John Clinton

Miss Ann Dugmore Wood of Hartlebury has died.

The vicar chastises his parishioners that they manage on a day of terrible weather to make it to church on Dole Sunday.

The vicar warns about smallpox and the need for people to be vaccinated

In May, P.G. Wodehouse's father gives a donation to the church

Rev T.W. Turner takes over the curacy.Sidney Wilson arranges for the children to go to the Wolverhampton Exhibition and the next day for the choir and ringers on a similar outing.

Richard Eykyn death is reported in August.

The vicar resigns and the new vicar is the Rev Robert Evans

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