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Worfield Parish Magazine 1903
1903, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/08/07
Tags: Elizabeth Lewis George Lewis Margery Elizabeth Lewis Eliza Morris George Morris Ellis Arthur Morriss Ethel Mary Jones Herbert Samuel Humphries Lizzie Whitbrook George Barratt Rhoda Eldith Edwards William Jones George Hooper Alice Corfield John Corfield Gertrude Anne Corfield Bertha Jane Noake Edwin Crane Mary Elizabeth Price William Price Olive Marjorie Price Elizabeth Ann Lee Abel Francis Lee Charles Edward Lee Alice Elizabeth Norgrove Margaret Fogarty John Fogarty Arthur James Fogarty Sarah Richards Richard Hincksman Boycott Ellen Fryer George Davies Fanny Elizabeth Perry Charles Perry May Alexandra Perry Annie Jervis Richard Jervis Hilda Nellie Jervis Mary Ann Robinson Alfred Edmund Bird John Thomas Cooke Emma Cooke Herbert Cooke Edward Cooke Ada Elizabeth Elcock Albert George Elcock Hilda Louisa Elcock Jane Brown William Brown Walter George Brown Mary Elizabeth Clinton John Clinton Sidney Clinton Harriet Euphemia Onions Harold Onions Elizabeth Deans George Deans George Kilvert Deand Lucy Milner John Davies William Edward Davies George Rowley Mary Elizabeth Hardman Cecil Parton Emma Fincher Thomas Fincher Herbert Fincher Kate Rhoda Wall Kate Mary Wall Harriet Taylor John Taylor George Butcher Alec Boucher Sarah Ann Hooper William Hooper Ellen Ward Charles Ward Elsie May Ward Harold Hooper Hewitt James Stoddart Sarah Lowes John Moffet Frances Robinson George Thomas Ficker Kate Morris Charles Eaton Rhoda Kate Archer Frederick Wall Harriet Pugh Thomas Woodward Pugh Frances May Pugh Mary Ridley Evan Ridley Helen Ruth Ridley Hannah Watkins William Watkins Samuel Watkins Alice Morris Edward Morris Lily Morris May Elizabeth Merrick George Henry Merrick Doris May Merrick Martha Ann Sneyd James Pugh Elizabeth Pugh John Bishton Hubert Bishton Alice Sharp William Sharp Alice Mary Ellen Sharp Clara Jesse Whitney Mary Ann Cartwright Frances Butcher Joseph Jones Colonel Herrick Fanny Herrick Alice Louise Piper Henry Craven Elizabeth Bishton Richard Bishton Winifred Mary Bishton Emma Butcher Thomas Butcher Hilda May Butcher Annie Maria Plant Joseph Plant Hilda Annie Plant Celia Lily Weaver William Thomas Weaver Leslie Henry Weaver Mary Ann Beddoes Richard Beddoes Nellie Beddoes Edith Jane Lloyd James Lindop Wilcox William Littleford Johnmeredith Annie Jones Nellie Fryer Alice Onions Adela Catt Gertie Langford Lily Jones Alice Butcher Sarah Leake Lizzie Snead Hilda Boucher Fanny Burd Rose Wenlock Marjorie Gee Leah Corns Mildred Thomas Lizzie Littleford Thomas Littleford William Louis Littleford Martha Sneyd George Macefield William Hallden George Mason Elizabeth Ridley Worfield Parish Magazine

James Stoddart's death is reported in May and a description of the man. In the same month the results of the ambulance class under the guidance of DR Hewitt, are given.

A brass plate is to be erected to those who fell in the Boer War. Sad that it seems to have such a cursory mention. Four men from Worfield died.

Thomas Wilson won a place for Boy Clerkship in the Civil Service.

Parish life continues with its usual round of concerts, plays, school sports day, exams and church life.

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