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Worfield Parish Magazine 1904
1904, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/08/07
Tags: Fanny Alltree Henry Fryer Gwendoline Alice Holford Emma Whitbrook Mary Lewis John Lewis Frederick Lewis Leah Elizabeth Barratt Frederick Jone Barratt John Samuel Barratt John Lewis Burrows Jane Burrows Sarah Elizabeth Burrows Cecil Uvedale Corbett Ellis Arthur Morris Mary Williams Alfred Fryer Georgina Hopcott William Hopcott Alfred James Hopcott Alice Cartwright James Cartwright Violet Alice Cartwright Mary Ann Roles Sidney John Wenlock Alice Wenlock Thomas Wenlock Jane Wenlock William Thomas Edgington Laura Isabel Reynolds George Alfred Keat Susannah Cartwright Samuel Cartwright Hilda Marjorie Cartwright Henry Kennet Elizabeth Stokes Hilda Marguerite Davenport Cuthbert Leycester Warren Elizabeth Rowley Thomas Preece Maria Smith William Smith Charlie Smith Matilda Gardner William Gardner Hilda Ann Gardner Harriett Wilcox Thomas Wilcox Sydney Thomas Wilcox Agnes Merchant John Merchant Trevor Footman Merchant Minnie Scrivens Annie Jones Charles Jones William John Jones Mary Bishop Thomas Henry Bishop Sidney Gerald Bishop Annie Rowley Ernest Frederick Rowley Gertrude Annie Rowley Emily Bate Joseph Parsons Bate Marjorie Emiline Mary Bate Henry Harley Hilda Louisa Elcock Martha Hughes Millie Elizabeth Childs John Thomas Childs John Thomas Stanley Childs Annie Rudd Tarrant Harry Isaac Tarrant Hubert Harry Tarrant Edith Annie Bishop Alfred Thomas Bishop Violet Nellie Bishop Maria Rebecca Pinches Aaron Pinches Margaret Pinches Bessy Leighton William George Leighton Dorothy Leighton Alice Elcock David Elcock Edward Henry Elcock Annie Hicks Charles Peters Elijah Robinson Edwin Yardley Lucy Doran Eliza Maud Bluck William Bluck Winifred Maud Bluck Mary Elizabeth Parton Cecil Parton Gwendoline Cecil Parton Elizabeth Pugh James Pugh Edith Mary Pugh Sarah Jane Price John Price Thomas Joseph Price Beatrice Harriett Harper John Thomas Harper Selina Clinton John Clinton Dorothy Annie Clinton Edith Rochelle Samuel Corfield Rochelle John Rowland Rochelle William Louis Littleford Elizabeth Scriven Arthur Francis Lois Eaton Robert John Eaton Gladys Eaton Mary Lucinda Jervis William Jervis Jessie Evelyn Jervis Mary Ann Beddoes Richard Beddoes George Beddoes Lizzie Barratt George Barratt George Henry Barratt Elizabeth Littleford Hubert Bishton Emma Hall Edward Pursell Sarah Moorhouse Henry Moorhouse Florence Jane Moorhouse Daniel Jones Mary Ann Jones Daniel Godfrey Jones Rose Preece Arthur William Preece George Ernest Preece Beatrice Harriet Palmer Thomas Harper Ellen Davies George Davies Doris Davies Leah Alice Richards Bertie Richards Amy Nicholas Samuel Nicholas Agnes Muriel Nicholas Worfield Parish Magazine

Miss Wilson from Worfield has married Dr Hewitt from Claverley. Feb.

Beating the bounds is carried out for the first time for a long time, possibly the first since 1849 (June)

Minnie Scrivens the District Nurse has gone to be trained at Plaistow.

Reported August is the marriage of Miss Davenport to Cuthbert Leycester-Warren

£2,500 will need to be found to buuild the new vicarage. This seems a very large sum of money indeed. W.H. Foster is giving £1,000, Sidney Wilson £125 and Mrs Morrison £100




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