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Iron Age And Roman Worfield
2009, Worfield, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2010/06/28
Tags: Whitchurch The Walls Chesterton Worfield Parish Magazine Worfield Chesterton Cornovii Roman Britain

A description of the parish of Worfield in Iron Age and Roman times. The history of Chesterton Hill Fort. Tim Malin speaking at the Shropshire Archaeological Society Meeting September 2014 spoke of Whitchurch being the centre of the a strategic road network which predated Roman invasion. Bog bodies have been found and this was in Iron Age and Roman times a very wet area. The burials are linked with boundaries. Whitchurch was the earliest Roman town. The early Roman roads were straight and then others would link in with them but there was already a pattern of roads along which animals were traded and people moved goods such as salt. Roman road structure is distinctive, there is a camber, a ditch and some form of metalling.

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