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Extracts From Worfield Court Rolls
1454-1698, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/10/29
Tags: Sarah Crudgington George Crudgington Alice Gold Henry Davenport Alice Gould Worfield Court Rolls

Various extracts from the Worfield Court Rolls for the following dates 1454 (includes surrender of land in Rowleynear to the walk mill. 1590 John Pryste surrender strips of land in Crowmere (?is this what is known as Cranmere now?) 1609/1610 Roger Rowley seeks a licence from the lord to lease a messuage and half a virgate, and three cottages, all in the Sonde 1611 John Gould and Jane Gould have half of a messuage and half a virgate in Rowley and after their demise it will come to Simon Gould 1649 Edward Bradney surrenders to the use of John Bradney a cottage in Worfield near the water mill between the parsonage and the river. John Bradney surrenders the cottage to Thomas Percy (Stephen Totty is the under steward) 1668 Two separate surrenders (I think!) from Sarah Crudgington and George Crudgington, to the use of Henry Davenport- it is the seventh part of a nook of land in Newton Meadow 1669 Robert Barrett surrenders 10 strips of land in Hallon, a third of a nook, to Henry Davenport

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