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Worfield Map
Worfield Map
1800-1840, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/11/23
Tags: Thomas Astley Heans William Sharrington Davenport Lloyd And Parker Charity Worfield Map

Taken from an item in Shropshire Archives and relating to the Lloyd and Parker Charity. It mentions the 'late Mr Lloyd.' Not dated so date estimated but interesting features including a list of the occupiers,

On the reverse it says the Landowners are the Trustees of the will of the Late Lloyd and Parker. The occupiers are:

Elizabeth Macefield, 933,  garden with half brook, 936 house and garden, 952 yard rent payable to john Wood for the first two and John Lewis and John Evers for the yard

Sarah Walsh 934 garden, 937 house rent to Mary Heay

Samuel Fowler 935 house garden and half brook rent to Richard Fowler

Theophilus Barney 944 Rock Meadow with half brook (just over 1 acre) to W. S. Davenport

John Painter 946 garden 951House and garden rent to John Lewis

Mary Pritchard 947 house and garden rent to Benjamin Protchard

Themselves and S. Hall 948 Rough & Rocks rent to Sarah Hall (formerly a pig stye)

James Hand 949 garden rent to John Evers

Edward Evers 950 garden, 953 house and garden rent to John Evers

Thomas Astley Heans 962 schoolroom and garden rent void

James Fletcher 972 house and garden rent to James Fletcher

Joseph Nicholls 973 house and garden rent to mary Carpenter

Thomas Bishop 974 house and garden rent to George Barker labourer

John Hand 975 house and garden with pigsty rent to Thomas Piper wheelwright



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