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Worfield Parish Magazine 1955
1955, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/12/08
Tags: Worfield Library Worfield In The Fifties Worfield Parish Magazine 1955

In January the announcement is made that Mrs Cooke has died. The organ is in need of repair. In February Cyril Lee’s sudden death is announced. He died in a hunting accident. The February letter is a pleasure to read. Stanley Moore really does come across as warm and caring. In March Mrs Tansy of Hilton dies. Mr Sellars takes a teaching job at the school and Mr hall the gravedigger has died aged 54. Mr Tisdale is the new gravedigger. In April there is a discussion about the H Bomb. In June, St John Trevor’s death is announced. Sir Oliver Leese is holding a sale of goods and concert in aid of disabled men In July there is a fete held on the old cricket ground. In December the Vicar announces that he is leaving and going to the Parish of Cheadle in North Staffordshire. He has been Vicar at Worfield for 17 years Mr Wood who was organist at Worfield for 25 years and is now at St leonard’s, is very ill.The Christmas Dole is to be given out on the 18th December.

Baptisms: Colin Sutton,Keith Morris, Victoria Wood, Jayne rochelle, Joan Page, Diana Bradburn, Daphne Glyn, Lois Voller, Carolyn Tasker, Graham Jervis, Jeffrey Mitchell, Josephine Hall, Anthony Clarke, Linda Speke, Jane Bolitho, Robert Howells, Gillian Botley, Janet Rollins. Marriages: John Broad June rochelle, Stanley Jones, Doris Hall, Norman Thompson, Edna Smout, Thomas Weston, Isabel Smout, Ivor Evans, Janet Brown, Robert Twining Williams, Jean Reece, Mervyn Tucker, Beatrice Kerswill, Raymond Hill, Doreen Caddick, Arthur Speke, Louisa Hill, Barry Howard, Rosemary Jones, Ernest Dalton, Jean Evans, Tony Banyard, Glays Benton. Burials: Rose Scrivens, Percy Bradshaw, Mary helena Hall Cooke, Fanny Sargeant, Richard Henry Hall, Delilah Lizzie Tansey, Henry Gitton, Mary Woodhouse, Llewellyn Reynolds, Ellen Ward, William Bowler, St John Trevor, Hannah White, Percy Jemmett, William Hayes, Florence Brown, William Henry Lloyd, Cicely Mapp

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