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Worfield Parish Magazine 1957
1957, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2013/12/13
Tags: Arthur Mapp Cicely Mapp Worfield History Worfield Parish Magazine

The Rev Thomson is firmly installed as vicar. In January he writes that he has been in Worfield for 8 months. Mr Eccleston has organised a party for the old people. Carol singing suffered at Xmas due to the bad weather and the petrol shortage. In March the Vicar writes of the new gates to the cemetery given by A. W. Mapp in memory of his wife (Cicely Mapp). In June the Vicar writes about having the Princess Royal in Church on Sunday In September Miss cunliffe has treated the Mothers Union to tea In October the firm of S. G. Ridley has had a fire. Baptisms: sarah rochelle, Caroline Breakwell, Diane Pooler, Keith Hill,, Stephen Reece,Douglas Evans,Patricia Bowen,Gavin Forbes, Eileen Sargent, lethendry Forsyth-Grant, Colleen Saiell, Bridgette Saiell, Wendy Morris, Lynda Law, Alexandra Glynn,Kim Southard,Elizabeth Bradburn, Marriages: Brian Hebditch, Patricia Reynolds, Eric Venables, Elsie muir, John Pipe, Ann Bentley,Ernest Watkins,Patricia Pangbourn, burials: Charles Richard Cornes, Ann Howells, Sarah Matthews, Albert Jordan,Thomas Butcher,Albert Roberts, William Gardener, Evelyn Katie Shepherd, Harry Langford,

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