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Mills Of Worfield
1086-1900, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2014/01/29
Tags: George Taylor Rindleford Mill Chesterton Mill Badger Mill Rowley Mill Worfield Mill

This article was written for Worfield Parish Magazine and intended to be a brief overview of the Mills of Worfield Parish.  The grandson of George Taylor who was miller at Rindleford in 1851 wrote, 'To be a miller  he obviously was part of the better off people. This ties in with family legend that he could read & write & used to sit on the wall to read newspapers to the village. I have a copy of the Times of 1852 reporting the Duke of Wellingtons funeral & also 4 bound leather copies of Cassells History of England from that period as family heirlooms.'

When Rindleford mill was operating as an oil mill in the 1740s it was processing oil seed rape. Rowland Smithyman was the miller, an enterprising man indeed.

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