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1906, Quatt, Shropshire, Shropshire, England

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Quatt Marriages 1905 1950
1905-1950, Quatt, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2014/03/16
Tags: Quatt Marriages Quatt Parish Registers Quatt Marriages 1905 To 1950

1905 Frederick Slow, may James, L. James, george slow, Richard Challner, William Riley, Joseph Alfred Riley, Emma Challner, L. Parkinson, Thomas Giles, william parton, 1906 Charles Giles, Sarah Jane Parton, Charles Leith, Ellen Giles ,

1907 George Baker, Fanny Giles, John Baker, richard davis, Clara Annie Baker, William Rogers, 1908 David Jarman, thomas burton, Annie Burton,c. v. gresley, Jasper Craig, Thomas Humphries, William Craig, Florence Beatrice Humphries, Thomas Humphries, Florence Meyrick, James S. Roper, William Preece,

1910 Henry Welch, George Harry Welch, Alice Preece, John Bennett, Harriet Preece, Richard Hobbs, William Joseph Neale, Agnes Sarah Elizabeth Neale, E. smith, Frank Wadlow Meredith, Harriett Gertrude Lawley, Samuel Harry Massie, Clara Louise Massie, Henry George Meredith, 1913 Thomas Goff, Harriet Simcock, Hugh Simcock, George Ernest Davies, Evelyn May Morris, William Davis, Violet Edith Davies, Harry Dyer, Mary Ann Taft, Enoch Taft,george welsh, emily taft,

1914 John Worrall, Martha Phyllis Davies, William Davies william worrall, George Ernest Davies, Daisy Ann Davies, Mary Jane Mason, thomas bache, Thomas Emery Francis, William Neale, george bache, john francis mason, John George Davies, harriet taft, Joseph Davies,

1915 Robert Jones, Lilly Noake,William Bray, Alice Louisa Jones,Thomas Jones, Harry Noake, John Taft, Florence E. Parkinson,

1916 Emily Elizabeth Humphries, Henry Hanson, Thomas Hanson, James Humphries,Beatrice Beetlestone,

1917 William Weaver, Jessie Louisa Baker, John Baker,

1920 Fred Herbert Troth, Edward Gwilt, Luke Troth, Edward Theodore Troth, William Gwilt, Elsie Frances Gwilt

1921Edward Elcock, Annie Burton, George Elcock, Thomas Burton,

1922 Jessie Pryke, Sidney Herbert Ryder, Amos Ryder, George Pryke, S. Pryke, Rose Pryke, 1923 James Thomas William Christie, Anne Carroll, William Carroll, james Christie, Albert Edward Weale, Thomas Bennett, S. Pountney Smith,

1925 Mary Alison Croxton, William James Horton, John Gwilt Croxton, Frederick John Horton, Jane Cathrall Croxton,

1929 Allan Christopher Harrison, Cyril Henry Gilmore Harrison, George Trevor Robert Cook, Pamela Frances Cook, Alice Cook, J. C. Harrison, Joseph Morris, Edwin Morris, Albert George Roberts, Emma Louisa Roberts,

1930 John Edwards, Gwyn L. Amphlett, Jeremiah Holland, Alec Roger Manley, 1932 Elaine Mary Steward, Jeremiah Holland, John Holland, Henry Steward, Charles Edwards, Ernest Albert Shorter,

1933 Mary Eleanor Edwards, Frederick John Shorter, Robert Edwards, Louisa Edwards, Charles Edwards, Walter Watkins, Hilda May Weale, C. John Taylor, Harold Ernest Weale, Gladys M. Weale, Thomas Richard Hayward,

1934 Terrence Albert Whittall, William Albert Whittall, Luther Walker, Jessie Weale, Frances M. Whittall, Ivy Morris Cox, Richard Hayward, Ann Jane Hayward, Mary Ann Peters, Alison May Welch, George William Roberts, George Harry Welch, John Frederick Baker, Edith Mary Gwilt, George Meddings, Thomas Gwilt, Clara Baker, Frederick Baker, Thomas Gwilt, 1937 Alice LLoyd, John William York, Arthur York, thomas lloyd, Arthur Frederick ?Racley, Fanny Lloyd, Alfred Bywater, Emily Elizabeth Steward, Richard George Bywater, Samuel Harold Weale,clara margaret baker, Harold Weale, Harold William Faithful, Job Faithful, Alice Elizabeth Baker, Arthur Woodward,

1938 henry hallam,Harry Hallam, Emily Bates, William Hallon, Alfred Bates, Jane Bates, 1939Christopher Thomas Fenn, Marjorie Mary Creed, Edward Fenn, Kathleen Gertrude Davies, James Thomas William Christie, Alan Frederick Cartwright Crowther, Joan Meredith, Frederick George Sidney Crowther, William Ernest Meredith,

1940 Charles William Braithwaite, Alice Taft Preece, Charles Braithwaite, Francis Preece, James Arthur Braithwaite

1940 Evelyn Ernest Helby Gardiner, Rhonette Alison McNab, James Ernest Gardiner, Geoffrey Chereton Wolryche-Whitmore,Violet Gardiner 1942 John Frederick Arthur Mason, Arthur George Mason, Thomas Bache, Horace George Reynolds, Annie Myra Edmonds, George Reynolds, James Lloyd, Ernest James Edmonds,herbert william edmonds

1943 David John Richard Bennett, George Bennett, William James Lewis, Ernest Brassington, Susan Irene Lewis

1944 Thomas Henry Rudd, Betty Lavinia Morris-Matthews,Phillip Henry Arthur Morris Matthews, Frederick Rudd, John Thomas Parkes, Marjorie Watkins, John Thomas Parkes, Jack Harry Watkins, Frank Neville Berry, Nellie Gadd

1945 Charles William Braithwaite, Francis Preece James Arthur Braithwaite, Christina Taft Preece, Violet Evelyn Davies, Sidney Jervis, Richard Jervis, George Ernest Davies, Phyllis Margaret Meredith, George Inions Keyworth, Ernest william Meredith, Thomas Gwynn Keyworth, Gwendoline Ann Meredith, Herbert Francis Wakelin,A.E. Robins, Edna Price, Cecil William James Humphries, John Price, James Humphries, A. Price, A. Humphries

1947 Henry George Garbett, Emma Leach, George Henry Garbett, Percy W. Potter, Norman Leach, Leslie Jones, Joan Pentecost, William Pentecost, Edward Charles Jones, Edwin Jones, Emily Jones, John Richard Humphries, Margaret Elizabeth Ada Lewis, John Humphries, William James Lewis, Mary Ann Elizabeth Humphries, Jane Annie Lewis

1948 Norman Leach, Frances Mary Watkins, William Alfred Leach, Jack henry Watkins, W. P. Watkins, Alfred Leach, Floyd Price Hodges, Floyd Charles William Hodges, Eva Mary Meredith, William Ernest Meredith, Victor Alfred John Church, Frederick Condor Church, Susan Irene Lewis, William Lewis, J. R. Humphries, Jane Annie Lewis

1949 William Rodenhurst, Gertrude Maud Hardwick, Percy George Rodenhurst, John Hardwick 1951 Walter Gordon Smout, Thomas Bell, Andrew Smout,Ada Bell, Gilbert William Allcock

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