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This indenture witnesseth that John Bach, Thomas Lowe, Daniell Rowley gen, William Warter gen., John Richards, John Perry Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poore of Worffield in the County of Salop and also by and with the consent and ? approbation of Thomas Whitmore and Thomas Acton Esquiers two of his Master’s? Justices of the Peace have placed put and bound Humphrey Aston a poore childe of the said parish an apprentice to Richard Eakin of the said Parish of Worffield yeoman and after the manner of an apprentice with him to dwell, abide and serve from the day of the ?date of those presents for and during and until he shall attain the age ? of four and twenty years from thence ensuring and fully to be compleate and ended according to the statute in that behalf made... During all the said term? the said Hunphrey Aston the apprentice to the said Richard Eakin his said master wuill and faithfully shall serve his master’s service he shall keep his commands that are lawfull and honest ... where shall doe, hurt or harme to his master he shall not doe nor suffer  any to be done to his power, make .... with any person during the said service he shall not contract or espouse himself. The goods of his master he shall not wast or consume nor them to any person lend or give without his master’s licence nor from his said master’s service neither by day or by night he shall not absent himself but ..... faithful servant ought to behave himself during the time of his apprenticeship.And the said Richard Eakin for himself and his assigns doth covenant to find and provide for his said apprentice competent and sufficient meate, drinke, lodginge, washinge, ringing, hose shoos apparrell and all other ? necessities fitt and convenient for such an apprentice during the time of his said apprenticeship. In witness whereof the these presents interchaniably have hereunto putt their hands by seales the six and twentieth day of March Ann Carroli Secundi ...Anglie etc 22nd Ann Domini 1670
Consented unto and approved by T. Whitmore and Thomas Acton
Sealed and delivered in the presence of George Sond, John Pekob??, George Barrett and signed Richard Eakin

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