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In 1847 Mary Anne Poultney had gone from Worfield where she lived to see Batty's Circus in Bridgnorth. There she met a man called Edward Jones whom she knew because he had been a customer of a pub where she had lived in Bridgnorth. Jones offered to take her home and wanted to go across the fields. She preferred the turnpike roads as some of her friends would be going that way. It was on the Hermitage Hill that he asked her to sit down on a rock. He then made a pass at her and threatened to murder her if she screamed. He hit her many times, knocked her to the ground and kicked her saying "Take that for your damned noise." Luckily a horse and cart could be heard and Jones ran off. The driver of the cart advised her to go back into Town and report the incident, which she did. Edward Jones was a joiner and bell-hanger, a man "of Dissolute character."

Reported in the Worcester Journal 25.11.1847

Mary Anne Poultney
1847, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2014/04/25
Tags: Battys Circus Mary Anne Poultney Edward Jones Worfield Crime Rape

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