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2014, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England
1720-1915, Wyken, Shropshire, Shropshire, England

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Action against Mrs Hammond of the Wheel Inn was brought by Mr Hawthorn. He claimed that he and his brother arived back late and found that the door of the pub was locked. In spite of repeated kicks at the door it remained firmly shut. They were forced to travel to Bridgnorth and take lodgings incurring extra cost and the fear of vagabonds that they might meet on the way. It was suggested that the men might have had better luck had they asked politely if they might come in.

April 1844 Stafford Assizes

Action Against Mrs Hammond Of The Wheel Inn
1844, Wyken, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2014/04/28
Tags: Hawthorn Wheel At Wyken Hammond Wheel At Worfield

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