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Dec 6 1913 Bridgnorth Journal

Funeral of Josiah Jones He was 44 and died from pneumonia at Lower Farm Stechford Birmingham.The deceased, late of Roughton, was youngest son of Benjamin Jones  and formerly a member of the Himley troop of yeomanry. The mourners were Daniel Jones of Cranmere, W. Jones of Badger, Benjamin Jones of Shipley ( half brothers, ) Benjamin Boucher, Rudge Heath, C. Jones, Farmcote (nephew.) Also present Messrs B. Bithell of The Wheel, W. Bluck of Rowley, M. Davies of Woundale, C. Furness of Beobridge, Tom Meredith of Poplar Cottage, W. Minifie of Wootton, J. W. Wilcox of Wyken. Floral tributes from his wife, children and sister Maud; all at Cranmere, Mr and Mrs J. D. Milner, Pollie, Mr and Mrs Sandford, Nellie and Hollie, Mr and Mrs W.G. Leighton, Tom and Cissie Bailey, workmen at the Glebe and from the men at Lower Farm.


funeral Of Josiah Jones
1913, Roughton, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2014/05/27
Tags: Cissie Bailey Tom Bailey W G Leighton Sandford J D Milner Maud Jones J W Wilcox C Furness Tom Meredith Benjamin Jones W Jones Daniel Jones Josiah Jones

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