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Customary Of The Manor Of Worfield
1237-1298, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2015/01/02
Tags: Worfield History Worfield Customary William Beauchamp

William Beauchamp obviously had some sorting out to do when he felt it was necessary to state, in no uncertain terms, the customs and practices of the Manor of Worfield. For instance, land had been changing hands without going through the Court, and widows instead of having a simple life interest in their husband's property, were taking it to the detriment of the rightful heir. Were tenants not taking their corn to the lord's mills and were they not attending Court and not harvesting the lord's hay. Reading between the lines the lord's power over the behaviour of the good people of Worfield was slipping. Exact date of document not known. The dates given are those of William Beauchamp.

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